Foreigner Poised to Overthrow America

We’ve been ignoring this story because frankly we can handle only so much madness at once, but apparently there’s serious concern that one of the presidential candidates is Constitutionally unqualified to take office — because he was born on foreign soil.

And in fact the rumors are true: John Sidney McCain III dropped anchor in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936.

This is not America’s first brush with foreign insurrection. McCain’s predecessor Barry Goldwater mistimed his own mortal debut, born outside the United States in the Arizona Territory. And Mitt Romney’s Mexico-born dad didn’t even come close when he challenged Nixon in 1968.

The question of what constitutes a “natural-born citizen” has never been definitively answered. McCain ally Don Nickles introduced a Senate bill in 2004 to resolve the issue, but it failed amid concerns about a provision that would allow Arnold Schwarzenegger to qualify upon his adoption by George H.W. Bush.

Nickles remains confident that McCain would win any court challenges. “But I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if somebody is going to try to make an issue out of it.”

Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship [AP]

McCain’s Canal Zone Birth Prompts Queries About Whether That Rules Him Out [NYT, 2/28/2008]


Manuel Noriega is still complaining that Cousin John still won’t get his ass out of jail.

Jus soli et jus sanguinis, beetches. Of course, the dumbfuckers probably think those are the names of cocktails that only Gheyz and urban women drink.

When I first saw that headline, I had this horrifying idea that a classic rock station had orchestrated the takeover of America.

Their first demand was that all US American radio stations play Hot Blooded and I Want To Know What Love Is 24/7.

I really didn’t need to wake up and read about this year’s butterfly ballot in a swing state.

ManchuCandidate: Nojo ought to run with that theme for the morning posts this week. Next: Journey to the White House.

Meanwhile, WaPo says that Barry’s up eight in Virginia. Total crush in non-real Virginia, obviously. But Black Eagle +17 in Hampton Roads? You know, down by where the NAVAL STATIONS are? That can’t be right.

@chicago bureau: McPain is down by 17 IN HIS OWN HOME STATE in the last month, now to +4. If 538 changes it to a lean GOP state, I’m popping open the Champers now.

Edit window is being a ghey. has Arizona as a lean state. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

@RomeGirl: TPM sez:

Oct 25 Myers (D), Grove (D)McCain (R) 44%, Obama (D) 40%AZ-Pres
Oct 21 Zimmerman (D)McCain (R) 44%, Obama (D) 42%AZ-Pres
Sep 30 AZ State Univ.McCain (R) 45%, Obama (D) 38%AZ-Pres
Sep 30 RasmussenMcCain (R) 59%, Obama (D) 38%AZ-Pres
Sep 17 ARGMcCain (R) 56%, Obama (D) 39%AZ-Pres
Aug 24 Mason-DixonMcCain (R) 47%, Obama (D) 41%AZ-Pres
Aug 20 Ariz. State U.McCain (R) 40%, Obama (D) 30%AZ-Pres
Aug 4 RasmussenMcCain (R) 57%, Obama (D) 38%AZ-Pres
Aug 4 PPP (D)McCain (R) 52%, Obama (D) 40%AZ-Pres
June 29 RasmussenMcCain (R) 49%, Obama (D) 40%

NO NO NO RomeGirl. No cork-popping. Don’t make me go Red Sox fan (c. 2003) on you. I like you. I don’t want to subject you to the pain.

(True story: Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS. Red Sox 8, Yankees 1, bottom of the seventh (at Yankee Stadium). Tito Francona goes to the bullpen and calls out Pedro Martinez, who promptly gave up two runs. Thoughts of an eight-run inning began dancing in my head — Pedro’s arm was (and still is) held together with duct tape and chicken wire. I thought the Red Sox were going to blow a seven run lead in three innings. Of course, they didn’t. But this is how I am beginning to think right now about Black Eagle.)

@RomeGirl: You mean the poo? Then lets go fountain-jumping, Muffy!

love the pic of the early funnier mcInsane, before he went ‘bananas’.

T/J: Palindrone: Campaign aide who insist on national TV, in the face of all logic and reason, that Sarah Palin IS qualified to be the vice-president of the U.S.A.

@RomeGirl: You could’ve knocked me over with a feather when I read that McCain was only up by four here. There have been some little rallies for the Unicorn but even Gov. Janet has been campaigning for him in other states – not here. And when I donate, they just ask me to go to NM or call PA, OH. I don’t think the Unicorn will win our state, but I’m excited to think this might make a difference down ballot.

@chicago bureau:
The Highway to Hell?

That would be hilarious. I smell Repub panic and it smells good (although I take CB’s caution.)

@Jamie Sommers:
Let’s see. Illegal recording then tape is erased. Now he wants it back?

Apparently the affects of inbreeding are finally starting to show up the St. Onge family.

@Jamie Sommers: Haha. I’m sending that to all my relatives. Not that they aren’t all already voting against Mitch the Bitch, but everyone can use a laugh.

@ManchuCandidate: the best line: “the campaign did not return phone calls.”

In honor of the bitters:

“Run To The Hills”?

*No illusions to Natives…

TJ: Political Halloween humor fail from a fellow Ghey. Effigies, even one of the Talibunny, are not cute nor are they funny, and they make us look just as stupid as the wingnuts.

@rptrcub: @ManchuCandidate: @redmanlaw: You people. I would never be that crass.

And besides, none of the album covers worked.


Prog Rock was a much bigger threat to America anyways.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Personally, I developed my Fear for the Future during that whole Dan Folgerberg, Bread and Janis Ian period. ELP and early Genesis kept me off quaaludes, at least.


Eesh. Bread. So painful.

I was very young then, so I was forced to listen to things my parents liked…for example, they would often play the “Pleasure and Pain” album from Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, which obviously warped my young mind.

@nabisco: @Tommmcatt Yet Again: Gentlemen, gentlemen. Little River Band. Pablo Cruise. Toto.

Do not make me punish you. I will go there.

Dust in the wiiiiiiiinnnnnnnd…

Fear my wrath.

@nojo: Then there’s this in the event of post-election litigation.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: My kid listens to my Metallica and Tool (he’s seen both with me), while I like his Slipknot. Mrs RML just rolls her eyes. I think the boy is trying to ease my Motorhead shirt away from me. Starting his own little pit at Metallica last week is the highlight of his life so far.

@ManchuCandidate: That and “Enter Sandman” are about the only metal songs Mrs RML likes. Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickenson also has a hard rock/metal show on BBC Radio 1 that I listen to on the webz.

@nojo: Hey, Hold the Line there, dude, thats getting into some ugly stuff, I will get out my Jay Ferguson if you keep it up. And there is the dreaded Supertramp, Breakfast in America:

Take a look at my girlfriend
She’s the only one I got
Not much of a girlfriend
Never seem to get a lot

Only if it’s the Old School version sung by Blue aka the late Patrick Cranshaw.

@Prommie: But dude, I love the cover. And “Take the Long Way Home” was one of my college-depression standards. You can’t take my Supertramp away from me. You just can’t.

Because if you do, I’m cueing up “Angie Baby.” That’s right: I am not afraid to reference Helen Reddy. I take no prisoners.

@nojo: I don’t like where this is headed, so how about Flying Saucer Rock and Roll for a music thread jack?

@ManchuCandidate: Wow. Good to know. Now I don’t feel so guilty for not following up on the campaign’s attempts to get me to phonebank for them. Seems they’ve got plenty of volunteers.

(also, i fukin’ hate the phone)

Kansas was never anything but the poor man’s Styx. Now is this purely prog rock, or can we talk dreck, like Robin Trower?

@redmanlaw: That could almost be a Rocky Horror outtake.

@nojo: I can take Helen Reddy, I had a Canadian sister-in-law, I heard it all.

How would you like some Charlene lyrics? Don’t try me, I’ll do it.

@nojo: It’s the real fucking deal, bro. I was a rockabilly fool since way back in high school. Nothing like a psychotic hillbilly kicking out the jams. Fucking commie jazz head hippie public radio and the last days of free form FM turned my head around, got me listening to all kinds of stuff so that now even my son appreciates “Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens” by Louis Jordan, our fishing road trip music.

@redmanlaw: Whoa, hey, would Robert Gordon count as genuine? I mean, I loves the psychobilly of Reverend Horton Heat, but it was Robert Gordon who got me started in the 70s. Big mistake, I forgot to look for him back in the days of Napster, he’s almost unobtainable.

@Prommie: Robert Gordon doing “Flying Saucer Rock and Roll”.


@ Manchu – Bruce Dickenson is actually on BBC’s 6 Music. Sorry.


Three words for you:


Don’t mess with Supertramp. They made some really good classic pop songs.

Also, thanks nojo, now I’ve got the fucking chorus of “Hold the Line” looping through my brain. Love isn’t always on time…WTF does that mean anyway?

@redmanlaw: I ever tell you my theory of rock and roll? It is my deeply held belief that Rock and Roll is descended through Western Swing to Bill Hailey to Buddy Holley and thence the Beatles and thence the Ramones. Its all western swing, all the good stuff. Blues ain’t got nothing to do with it and only produced the atrocities of Led Zeppelin. Blues is heroin music, rock and roll is scream and yell under the moon music.

@Pedonator: I don’t know what that means, but I do know that Love Takes Time.


Yah, how does that go? Mommy’s all right, Daddy’s All Right… You have to love that song.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: That’s Cheap Trick, “Surrender,” if I’m not mistaken.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: See, I’m such a dork I don’t know if you’re being ironic or what kind of joke you just made. In my book Cheap Trick is cool, Toto very much not. Am I out of synch with the cool kids again?

@mellbell: And just to throw in wayward references, Cheap Trick is credited with the Colbert Report theme.

@mellbell: California Man is a great song. Cheap Trick opened for STP on a mid-90s tour I saw.


No dude, I lurves the Cheap Trick. Don’t you look at my girlfriend, she’s the only one I got… Genius.

However, Alan Parsons Project pretty much invented teh suck, IMHO.

OK, OK, I’ve calmed down and put the Veuve back in the fridge. But holy shit, is all I’m sayin’.

@nojo: Sounds just like the Kids in the Hall music. They Might Be Giantss does great TV themes. You’re Not The Boss Of Me is a classic.

Cheap Trick, Surrender, Candy, I want you to Want Me, best power pop, possibly, of my lifetime, certainly the most popular. I loves me jangly guitars and harmonies and songs about love.

The Guardian: AC/DC- Britian’s Soundtrack for Recession

Timeline: Highway to hell

1973: AC/DC form in Sydney, Australia.
Economy: Start of the oil crisis, which saw the price quadruple

1980: AC/DC release breakthrough album Back In Black*
Economy: Inflation in UK reaches 20% and unemployment nears 2 million

1990: AC/DC score comeback with The Razor’s Edge
Economy: Recession in UK imminent

2008: AC/DC top UK album charts
Economy: Biggest world recession in decades looms

* I disagree. Highway to Hell was their real breakthrough album, but I’m a Bon Scott guy.

@rptrcub: And he’s KO’s “Worst Person in the World,” beating out Bill O and Lieberman, which is impressive.

@redmanlaw: I wanted to open a real estate transaction firm and name it “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.” The sad thing is, I probably would have been disbarred, the bar takes itself so seriously.

I was privileged to see Bon Scott, did the replacement keep wearing the little lord fauntleroy getup? That would be wrong. It was in a stadium, they picked him up and crowd-surfed him the entire circumferenve of the field while he continued to play a solo the whole time. Showmanship. He’s on his back in the air held by 30-40 hands running him around the stadium, wailing away.

It was as good as the time I saw a punk band, don’t even know who they were, whip the mosh-pit into semi-discipline and got them to do a moving mosh pit, like an ameoba, it started from the usual spot, that tight circle down in front, and started to move out and around in a circle among the rest of the crowd, nothing like seeing a moving mosh pit coming toward you, while guys crowd-dove from the top of the speaker stacks, 20 feet high, into the crowd, and noone died, somehow. Might have been the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Surreal concert, they fenced off 3 square blocks of urban blight, looked like a fellini scene in a post-apocalpsye world, after a nuclear war, gutted buildings with people up on the bare empty, wall-less floors gyrating to the music. Might also have been Rancid. The first Warped Tour. In Asbury Park.

Cheap Trick good, Foreigner bad. Kansas? Nazareth. ELO? Klaatu. Toto? Poco!


I read Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian last week. Lots of humor, but very bittersweet. I was on the plane from Minneapolis to Seattle, and I reached a particularly moving part of the book, then I started blubbering like a little boy. There I was in seat 38E with the guy on my left and the woman on my right desperately trying to ignore me. I gotta admit, Alexie got me. Are you a fan?

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