Fall’s Must-Have Lawn Accessory

Truth in advertising

Laugh, take a deep breath, and carry on.


Please tell me it’s not just a photoshop … we wants it ….

On behalf of Edith Bunker, I am offended!

@blogenfreude: Alas, you can see the telltale pixels close-up.

@Jamie Sommers: Then again, there’s always room for Obama/Meathead.

@Jamie Sommers:
Oh jeez, der Edith…

NF/ Ted Stevens is guilty.

@Jamie Sommers: OFSM, Geezer and Archie — separated at birth?

That is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

ADD: And I’d love to see a Muslin/Plugz version, too.

ManchuCandidate: Open-thread pleasure on the news in re Tubes, above.

Lord, what a wondrous occasion this is.

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