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From the Fox News homepage: A graphic you’d never expect to see. We’ve been ignoring the Drudge-fueled fracas over the White Woman Assaulted By Black Obama Supporter, but now that the story is collapsing faster than Psychogeezer’s polling, we thought you’d enjoy a rare Fair & Balanced moment.

McCain Campaign Volunteer Admits Alleged Attack Was a Hoax [Fox]

McCain Communications Director Gave Reporters Incendiary Version Of “Carved B” Story Before Facts Were Known [TPM]


Now we know what the love child of Morton Downey Jr and Tawana Brawley looks like.

I knew this was off when I saw the picture.

How does someone get a black (not normal purple, black, blue and red) eye with zero swelling?

How does someone have an initial *lightly* etched into her flesh by an enraged assailant?

Agreed. My one and only black eye took a day and a half to stop swelling.

If you’re going to fake an injury, you’d think she would have tried to cover up that zit on her left cheek with the backwards B instead of having it balance out her “black” eye and backwards B.

Was her attacker dyslexic?

The imaginary attacker had a very dull knife? I think the phrase “not the sharpest knife in the drawer” was written about this woman. Personally I think she has a bright future in the 2012 Palin campaign. I can easily imagine her working the spin rooms for ex-Gov. Palin.

And to top it off she’s from Texas? Ladies and gentlemen, presenting your 2008 Republican Party.

@Dave H: And McCain called her last night to offer condolences.

The good news is that we’ve been inoculated against this kind of crap for the next week, when the real shitstorm is unleashed. At McCain HQ, they’re all saying “fucking amateur.”

College Republicans – you gotta admit, they train ’em young.

nice. the republicans taking a page from adolph’s playbook.

The *real* issue in this is bound up in the TPM article…it is the McCain campaign (state level) embracing this and running hard with it…it is McCain and Palin both calling her personally right away (hoping to leverage it today, though the writing was on the wall early enough that they, unlike the State Comm. Dir., avoided actually stepping in it). They so *wanted* something like this…a great “them vs us” moment that they could wave like a flag of self-righteous indignation.

I *almost* feel sorry for this young woman…she is clearly broken in some rather deep way. In the end, however, I am not. She made a venomous, premeditated decision to engage in race-baiting. Her claims are simply contemptible…her actions pathetic. I hope she is prosecuted.

nojo: Palin, too.

My takeaway: the local communications director basically shoved the story onto the press — first the Tribune-Review (hello, Dick) took it up, and then the rest of the local media, etc. No fact-checking, no follow-up. Kind of like the whole campaign to this point. I’m not willing to call this race-baiting. I’m willing and able to call this a stupid campaign not getting any smarter.

Like my main man, George Will, I invoke Earl Weaver: “Are you going to get any better, or is this it?”

ADD: If the context is shifted, the line from Reg Dunlop (played by Paul Newman (RIP)) in Slap Shot would work really well: “They’re too dumb to play with themselves!”

@LuxMentis: @chicago bureau: No hedging required: It’s race-baiting.

@LuxMentis: I don’t care if she’s been brainwashed since birth in some sort of Christ-fanatic fundamentalist home-skooled white supremacist compound, I don’t feel sorry in the least for this lying sack of shit woman. She’s a racist cunt (there – I said it, Prommie!) who was trying to ignite a shitstorm of fear and loathing and hate against blacks and Democrats and Obama. And probably thought she’d have her 17 minutes of fame like Joe the Plumber.

I hate her almost as much as the pathetic piece of santorum (mark my words – I bet the douchenozzle worked for Santorum at some point) McCain campaign spokesman in Pennsylvania who tried to fan the flames and ignite it into something it wasn’t.

PG’s campaign is as if some angry liberal with a dark sense of humor made a wish list and the Fates granted all of them.

I’ll bet when our descendants read about the 2008 elections, they will scratch their heads and wonder what the fuck were we thinking.

@ManchuCandidate: I don’t know that FlyingChainSaw would appreciate being called an “angry liberal,” but yes.

This and Bachmann on the television begging for her job are the opening strains in the sweet, sweet schadenfreude symphony that will crescendo on November 4th. I, for one, am buying a nice syrah for the occasion. Also some arugula and brie.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Really? I was planning on trying out crack, I figure it’s as good a time as any to get into the class-appropriate habits.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Beer, pizza, and cheap red wine at my place on election night. I have a brief due the next day, but wtf.

@Dodgerblue: All my colleagues are on notice to not expect anything but giggling or groans from me on the 5th.

Or as they called it “you mean Monday?”

@blogenfreude: Heh, the “Young Liberals” (college conservatives) have managed to get a Senate Committee to investigate “Leftist Bias” in University lecturers here.

I call “witch hunt”

@CheapBoy: I think investigating any kind of bias in any group smacks of witch hunt. An individual? Everyday persecution. A group? Hey, McCarthy’s back!

@IanJ: Trying out crack? Hmmm mebee this should wait until “Stinque after dark”

@Dodgerblue: Strangely enough… Melbourne Cup Day (Australia’s premier horse race) is on the first Tuesday after the First Monday in November. Should we look for omens in the results?

@IanJ: The “Young Liberals” are about the same degree of right as Margaret Thatcher.

Anything that may smell slightly of non-market ethics is immediately branded as “Socialist indoctrination” of the student body.

Meh, Keynes is king now… who woulda guessed?

@SanFranLefty: I dunno. Kid is 20, maybe emotionally or intellectually damaged. If I was Obama, I’d call her up, no judgment, no anger, to ask her why she did it, what she thought she’d get out of it and why she thought she had any reason to hate him and provoke hateful responses. Then I’d call McCain and thank him for trying to speak some sense to the Crazy Lady and the Mob earlier this month and ask him if he thinks the all-hate-all-the-time campaign, his last shot at the presidency, is what he wanted to be remembered for. The last 28 years have really been a non-stop festival of hate and invective and anyone, even from the historically besieged (in presidential election terms) party could use this as an opportunity to show where this madness leads. Anyone can get mad but it takes obvious self-denial and human generosity to put the crime aside and try to extend a hand to someone who has wronged you or even your entire race, whatever that means. In this non-stop shitstorm of petty and slanderous invective, it would impress upon people who had the discipline and spirit to lead. Psychogeezer sounds like a bitter old man reciting lies he knows are false.

Note: the B also looks like it was carved backwards. She did this in a mirror. Mark my words.

Also, screw this chick. Whatever sense of stupid or hate compelled her to come up with is so off it’s really not even worth addressing.

@Dave H: A dull knife, but very neat penmanship, for someone in a rage.

@CheapBoy: Is Young Liberals being conservative some sort of down-is-up, water-drains-counterclockwise Southern hemisphere kid of thing?

@FlyingChainSaw: Too bad the “turning the other cheek” response would be totally and completely lost on the Jeebus freaks.

Rachel’s talking about scenarios where McCain could win. Hold me, I’m scared.

@FlyingChainSaw: That was a very level-headed and thoughtful post you made, which leads me to ask, “Who are you and what have you done to the real FCS?”

Speaking of bitter old men, has everybody listened to the Joe McCain 911 calls in Alexandria? The guy calls 911 to find out why he’s stuck in traffic and then drops the F-bomb when the operator doesn’t have time to provide a traffic report. Nice.

What was it, three whole days ago that Joe called northern Virginia a Communist country and then he’s driving around in Alexandria? So why is John McCain’s brother palling around with those Virginia Communists?

@Mistress Cynica:

Rachel is ALWAYS talking about scenarios where Grampie could win. It’s an obsession with her.

This is most definitely race baiting, and as someone who struggles with mental health issues, I have no sympathy for her. She knew she was lying, and she knew “Mega-gigantor black man Obama supporter attacks young white female” would get a lot of play. Reminds me of when Susan Smith said she was car jacked by a black man while her kids were lifeless in that lake. Where she put them. Not that this is as horrific in the sense that innocents were hurt, but “The Big Black Man Will Harm Your White Wimminz” message came through loud and clear.

Any guess on how she got the shiner, or is that fake, too?

@chicago bureau: God I love that movie. The Hansen Brothers still tour.

@SanFranLefty: She’s an Aggie, SFL, need anything more be said?

@JNOV: Its worse than race-baiting, and worse than Susan Smith, Smith probably was motivated by coming up with a story her racist neighbors would find plausible, not stoking racism, just making convenient use of pre-existing racism, and motivated by self preservation, as opposed to sheer malice. This borders on incitement to riot, if not murder, if she had come out with this story back home in Texas, someone might be dead now, some random 6’4″ 200 pound black man. But she is also clearly troubled in clinical ways and I also abhor the way our punitive society has ceased to recognize that prison is not the solution to mental illness. She seems to need treatment, not punishment.

@Promnight: Maybe she’s not crazy, and maybe she’s just a malicious liar.

@nojo: And because of you, I actually clicked on a Fox News story. Apologize.

@JNOV: When FCS is not around being more angry than me, I get more angry. I need him around.

Ah fuck, I need you all around. 11 days left and I am as jumpy and grumpy as a person who is really really jumpy and grumpy. Motherfucking republican shitheads better not win this one, godammit. I am a wreck.

Cassandra, you ain’t off the hook yet. Come back here and fight like a man. You ain’t one of us until you have made a confession of some wild sexual indiscretion. Till then I am gonna be checking your facts and grammar.

@Promnight: This is not worse than Susan Smith. Susan Smith murdered her children–stood there and watched while they drowned–because her new boyfriend didn’t want kids, and then lied about it in a part of the country where she knew damn well said lie would lead to the arrest or at least the harassment of black men, if not actual violence against anyone she decided to ID as a suspect.
Does this woman have issues? yes. Did she know what she was doing was wrong? Also yes. Does she deserve to be prosecuted? Again, yes. I know too many people with serious mental health problems who still manage not to engage in such reprehensible behavior to give this bitch a pass and say she needs “treatment.” She needs jail.

@Promnight: l ‘m not ready to drop that veil yet, my dear PromNight Dumpster Baby. but pessimist that I am, I am still believing the poll numbers and hoping. I don’t want to confront the world that does not embrace this sea change. It will break my heart.

@Dave H: I managed to hear that today, and I’m just so excited that Psychogeezer has a Good Brother who’s got his back, all the way, yay!

In a perfect world, Joe McCain would be on the R ticket.

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