State Business? Bah!

Item: AP reports thusly:

Gov. Sarah Palin charged the state for her children to travel with her, including to events where they were not invited, and later amended expense reports to specify that they were on official business.

The charges included costs for hotel and commercial flights for three daughters to join Palin to watch their father in a snowmobile race, and a trip to New York, where the governor attended a five-hour conference and stayed with 17-year-old Bristol for five days and four nights in a luxury hotel.

In all, Palin has charged the state $21,012 for her three daughters’ 64 one-way and 12 round-trip commercial flights since she took office in December 2006. In some other cases, she has charged the state for hotel rooms for the girls.

What was the kids’ official business? Looking adorable.



Jeeze. Even the dipshit dumbass that is my CEO doesn’t let his kiddies travel on the company dime.

Who needs a dummy with an entitlement complex?

When do those kids go to school? Or are they just full-time props for Talibunny?

Along these lines, Sarah’s Got A Brand New Bag (and clothes) about 150K worth from PG’s dwindling public sponsored coffers.

@Mistress Cynica: Home-SKOOLed by the First Dude, like you even had to ask?!

@ManchuCandidate: As Princess Sparkle Pony has pointed out, those boots are fugly as hell, and she’s suffering from “I wish I were still a size 6” denial. She’s an attractive woman with a great body for having 4 (or 5) kids, but she ain’t doin’ herself any favors by buying all of her clothes one size or two too small. Stinque Fashion Police, do I have an amen?

I wish I could kick her in the cunt.

@Promnight: I don’t know, Prom. Whenever you write about kicking someone in the cunt, I shudder. It smacks of violence against women, at least how I read it. Wanna punch her in the ovaries? I’m cool with that. That’s akin to kicking someone in the nuts. But kicking her in the cunt? That just gives me the shivers.

Haircuts? Not an issue with me. Have not had one since 1992.

@redmanlaw: /BREAKING

My dumbass family can’t even get our nation right. Now there’s argument over whether we’re Sioux or Blackfeet. Stupid fucks. I’ve been trying to get my GGM’s maiden name so I can write for her file (if she has one) from the Carlisle school, but I have to know what nation she was. Great uncle says Sioux. My mom says Blackfeet. There were like 1K less Blackfeet than Sioux there, so it should make finding her records easier, cuz all we’ve got to go on now is her first (Anglo) name. Mary of all things! We’re searching for the family Bible.

@JNOV: It doesn’t strike me as being any better or worse than, say, threatening to punch John McCain in the cock, but what do I know?

@mellbell: Maybe I’m showing my age, and maybe it’s a generational thing, but cunt is one word I’d never want to be called, and referring to vaginas as cunts seems to be more powerful (to me) than calling penises cocks or dicks. But what do I know? It just gives me the shudders and makes me think about violence against women. I’m open to suggestions that my way of thinking is antiquated or wrong, and I waited a while before I expressed my thoughts. But it is how I think about it. At Jez I see younger women calling each other cunts all the time; that’s what makes me think it’s generational. I’ll take my old tired ass on home now.

@mellbell: I’d put it on par with wanting to slice off McCain’s balls but not quite at slicing off his balls and stuffing them in his mouth. (Please, FlyingChainSaw, come back to your stinquers – I tried, I tried…)

@JNOV: I’m an old lady like you, the C-U-Next-Tuesday word is approaching n-word levels of horror to my ears, absolutely never used. Though I’ve used it a few times in the past two months in reference to Talibunny, I must confess.

@SanFranLefty: And I totally get when an oppressed group takes an epithet and uses it itself as a way of reclaiming power, but it’s still an epithet.

Sorry, Prom. Maybe it sounds harsher to me because you’re a man. I’ve had a man call me a cunt, and it was a very unpleasant experience.

@JNOV: Fire up the Cynica Signal for research assistance.

Deer are mating on TV. It’s what passes for edumacational viewing around here. Got a wild hair and started packing for the weekend hunting trip after further target practice this afternoon. Start out with staying alive stuff (fire making, water, tp, first aid, space blanket), then specialized gear for the trip. Might camp out at 8000 ft on Saturday. Game time decision.

@redmanlaw and @JNOV: Thanks to MellBell’s tip of the website on another thread, I think I found the perfect charitable endeavor for you – Readers on the Rez.

@JNOV: As I’ve mentioned before, I think it’s cultural as much as anything else. When I came here from that fabled isle across the sea, I discovered that I had to be very careful not to use the word as I had back there (eg. You daft cunt). Where it is almost a term of affection. Indeed, the verb ‘cunting around (or about)’ is v popular in the sense of making a nuisance of oneself. I try not to use it here because women don’t like it. I also don’t use ‘fag’ very often, unless I’m talking about Caribou Barbie’s stylists. Because they truly are fags, in the sense of the oppressed serving their oppressors. So we discover the big price tag for the tart-skirts and Valentino jackets is over $150,000. I’m not surprised. And she’s been shopped in the most bourgeois fabricators of Republican ladyness, Saks and NM. She’s no more an authentic ‘mom’ than is W a cowboy. Can it please be over soon so I can haz ma Hope?

I loved The Aristocrats. Sorry, it is what it is. The reader creates the meaning of the text as much as the writer, but its your act of creation, not mine.

I am 100% against violence against people.

@Lyndon LaDouche: I’ve learned to be careful saying “fannie” around you british cunts.


There’s a “don’t go there” policy in the Nabisco household for the c-word, but I blasted it out last night while watching Talibunny’s CNN interview and then KeefOh’s jump-cut review of all her other attempts to answer the ‘what does the VEEP actually do?” question.

It is truly an offensive word, but I find her a truly offensive person. We are all cunts if she makes it to OVP.

@Prommie: Hey, hey! Not so much with the ‘British’. We’re human beings too, you know. Some of us. We have feelings. Though we don’t often let them show. Just remember, no touching below the waist. And make sure the lights are out and the blackout curtains are drawn. ‘British’ foreplay? Eating sardines on toast in bed.

@SanFranLefty: Since he’s typing, shouldn’t it be, “You fondle your wife with those fingers?”

@JNOV @Lyndon LaDouche: : I used to hate that word, too, until I started hanging around the English.

Wow, that was comment 6000! We’re chatty.

@SanFranLefty: Excellent! I have a holiday present for them and for Forgotten Cats.

@Lyndon LaDouche: Yes. We’re all products of our histories to a certain degree.

@Prommie: Yes, I didn’t mean to say you advocated violence of any sort.

@RomeGirl: Ha ha on the fondling. Yes, I have written the word more times in this post than I’ve ever used it in my life. If I were more exposed to it, it would probably take on a different meaning for me.

Off to work (a bit late). See you all tonight!

@SanFranLefty: Amen, sister! For $150K, they couldn’t get better shoes than those boots and those fucking patent leather heels that look like they came from Payless? And patent leather after Labor Day? Really??? There’s your proof that the Republican party isn’t what it was in the old days — the WASP-y country club Episcopalian crowd would never have put up with that. And Sarah, I say this as a one-time size 2: there’s no shame in wearing a 10, and you’ll look and feel better. trust me.

@JNOV: @redmanlaw: Signal received. Let me think about it.

@Prommie: Then there’s Metallica’s version of “So What?” by the British punk band the Anti-Nowhere League:

“So what, so what you boring little C[bleep]t!”

Let’s see if they open up with that one, as they often do, TOMORROW FUCKING NIGHT!!!

@Mistress Cynica: See, I thought the whole too-tight, too-short skirt was an intentional look. I doubt that she would have been allowed to wear anything not thought through. I think they intend her to look like that. In the ‘debate’ with Biden there was a recurring shot of her from behind featuring her ass in that tight skirt. It can’t have been accidental. I’m sure that both parties have to approve camera set-ups and they must have known she was going to be seen from the rear. I also think they they very deliberately co-opted Hillz pantsuit look and remade it in ‘feminine’ fabrics very tight over the ta-tas – and with skirts instead of trousers – as a rebuke to the godless liberals and feminists. This is their idea of how a real woman of affairs should look: all business and yet still fueling one-handed fantasy.

I can’t help but imagine four gay men laboring over this hag, talking her out of wearing the dolphin ear-rings, etc. One day one of them will escape and spill everything to Joyce Behar.

@Lyndon LaDouche, Lefty: What about those giant earrings she wore in the CNN interview?

@redmanlaw: They still weren’t as trash-tastic as the earrings in the shape of Alaska that she wore on the Newsweek cover. Those looked like something picked up at a tourist shop outside of Denali National Park.
@Lyndon LaDouche: I don’t know, I wonder who this team of queens are working on her look, as I find the over-all Palin look one step up on the klassy-with-a-K meter from women wearing tank-tops with visible bra straps and low-slung jeans with muffin tops spilling over. Hillz’ pantsuit look was always the correct size – maybe not the correct lines or length of jacket, but she never looked like a marshmallow squeezing out. And that’s the thing – Palin is not an overweight woman in the least – but she’s popping out of suits that are two sizes too small for her. If Palin wore stuff that was her actual size, she’d look fine. Like Cynica said, there’s nothing wrong with being a size 10.

@SanFranLefty: Anchorage, 2001: Sipping a martini on the roof of the Anchorage Hilton in a light drizzle, looking east at Denali on the horizon at 10 pm just having come in after catching and releasing silver salmon in Ship Creek, a 10 minute walk from the hotel, while on a business trip. I tied the flies for steelhead in Oregon, but they worked just fine in Alaska.

@SanFranLefty: It’s the female sturmtruppen look, and the mouth breathers are lovin it.

TJ/ Hopey tied for Nascar vote. That’s a surprise.

Anonymous Foreign Observer dished some scary/fabulous dirt on local polling ops today; can anyone confirm true/not that active duty military can vote in any polling station they want, without being on the rolls, simply because they’re military? Precinct cpt. told her “they’re military, they don’t lie” when AFO asked about the possibility of them voting numerous places.

AFO is humored by this American Experiment. Compares favorably with Zimbabwe…

@nabisco: That’s absolutely not true and your observer should report it here. Active duty military are akin to college students – they can register to vote where they are stationed for the time, or they can register at home. But you can’t just get a ballot when you’re not on the rolls. At best you can get a provisional ballot if your name isn’t on the rolls.
And if people can’t remember the local ACLU number, as JNOV suggested, the number to remember to call for any shenanigans is 866-OUR-VOTE. That will connect you to Election Protection, a project of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and the NAACP.

@SanFranLefty: That number needs to be freaking PLASTERED all over creation.

@nabisco: Oh, sure, and they also have the right to defrock the bride after any wedding, because they are military.

Back to TalibunnyFashionGate, it gets better. Piper Palin’s new purse for her dollies. I guess real Americans don’t hate the French designers anymore.

@SanFranLefty: I don’t believe that she dresses herself or has much say in the way she looks. The campaign has devised a ‘look’ for her. That they’ve been successful is proved by how easily impersonated she’s become. The hair, the suit. She’s not supposed to look classy, she’s supposed to look ‘feminine’ – by their lights – and yet all business.

I don’t think any of this matters – not even the huge clothes bill, and now the $13,000 a month make up person (perspective: Cicely Tyson’s cost $5,000 a day back in the early 80s) – except that it completely undercuts any claim she may have to authenticity.

Voted for Change and Hope and Foot in Mouth this morning. Also cast a vote for the Udall closest to me (Tom, running for the open NM senate seat vacated by Pete “PJs” Domenici.) Saw Mrs. Senate Candidate cruising down the street yesterday in front of my office in her light metallic olive Prius.

A thousand people voted yesterday at the county clerks office just off the Plaza in Santa Fe, a heavily Dem area where even independents outnumber the Anti-Muslin Party. Dems are turning out big in Albuquerque also:

“In (the Albuquerque area, Bernalillo County) the state’s most populous county Obama is leading McCain 55.05% to McCain’s 37.05% with 7.90% undecided. Graham Bass of Positive Contacts calls the 18 point lead “huge” and that McCain’s remaining hope is for a major surge in southern NM.

“If Obama were to indeed take the county by the poll’s 55%, that would give the Illinois Senator a huge margin here of 29,000 votes. That would position Obama to take a good shot at reaching 53% in the statewide total.”


“So far, in the early voting at polling stations in big Bernalillo County, Dems have cast 8,266 votes, compared to 2,756 for the R’s. That’s an early sign that the Obama GOTV machine is on the move and proof of heavy early turnout. Also, 77,153 absentee ballots have been requested here, about 38,000 of them for Democrats, 28,600 for R’s and about 10,000 for independents. Clearly, the Dems are on the march. That is a high rate of Dem absentees, about 50%. KUNM-FM radio reporter Jim Williams has a report on the first day of Santa Fe and Bernalillo County early voting.”


Also: Barack in ABQ Saturday for what is being billed as a massive rally (overnight stay, hopefully on his way to PA from Hawai’i), Hillary to Southern NM also on Saturday.

@redmanlaw: Glad you got to vote but… but… They’re announcing results???!!!! How is this possible?

@Lyndon LaDouche: They look at the numbers of persons voting who are registered with a party or as independents. For example, Mr and Mrs RML (H&C) present themselves to vote. We fill out a form requesting paper ballots to be optically scanned. The clerk sees that two members of the Hope and Change party requested ballots and adds it to the the tally. At the end of the day, they will see how many Greens, Hope and Changers, and Anti-Muslins voted, but not how they voted. Actual vote tallies won’t be available until the day Metallica plays the Pepsi Center in Denver on the current Death Magnetic tour, but they know how many members of the various parties early voted. Reports indicate that we’re kicking some GOP ass in the early turnout.

BTW, a Cold War -era New Mexico law still on the books requires Communists to register with their local county clerk.

@redmanlaw: And in Georgia, state employees must swear an oath when they’re hired that they’re not commies or subversives.

Holy crap. This clothes and makeup thing looks like torpedoes in the water headed straight for the USS McCain. Whooda thunk?

@SanFranLefty: The local education foundation has a fund to help kids with school supplies. We’re sending them a decent contribution.

Hey y’all, where is it you go to change your avatar? I totally forgot. I also forget the word “baba ganoush” this morning, I feel as old as McCain. But then again, I can never remember the word “baba ganoush,” I always start saying “that salad with bulgar wheat and mint.” Wait a minute, am I getting this wrong again? Damn, I can never remember that fucking word.

@Prommie: Do you mean taboulleh?

go to and make sure you’re logged in with the email address that you’re logged in to on stinque.

@Prommie: I owe everyone fresh Gravatar instructions. I also owe Stupid Posting Tricks to the above-the-temporal-distortion-field crew. I figure if I pile my psychic debts high enough, Bernanke will take pity upon me.

@SanFranLefty: Um, yeah, tabouleh, thats it, of course, and gravatar, I knew that. Once.

I thought the Palin sticking out of her clothes thing was an appeal to the NASCAR vote, and not so much the pickfucker vote, because then she’d be dressed like Trailer Trash Barbie.

Just out of nowhere, do people still get their shoes re-soled? I used to, back when I first got out of law school and felt compelled to wear a suit and tie and real, serious shoes every day, why I would even just get half-soles the first time. But then all the cobblers were thrown out on the streets and the shoemaking was offshored to China and shoes have gone down while my income has gone up, and besides I wearr khakies and toppies most days, so I throw shoes away now instead of shining them. There was some stupid story about Mr. $1.7 million a year man of the people Obama Hopey McUnicorn, the Great Unwhite Hope, getting his shoes re-soled.

@Dodgerblue: I always called that the “Ball Park Frank” look, they plump when you cook em, and some of them womens look like their skin is gonna split, like a frank. Nothing like those thighs sticking out of cut-off jeans that immediately gain a half inch in radius at the point where the jeans end. Note, though, that the use of fabrics normally only encountered in tapestrys, rugs, and slipcushions, dulls the tightness, presenting us with a Tammy Baker effect of curvy sexpot tightly wrapped in one of HRH Queen Elizabeth’s wooly, hairy, stolid suits.

@Prommie: I get my shoes resoled, but that’s because I’m so cheap that I’m wearing shoes that I bought in 1990, which have been resoled twice in 18 years.

@Prommie: I get my boots resoled, but my shoes have lately been of the <ptui!> disposable variety, which can’t be resoled. The Redwings I wear don’t come in a resolable variety, or I’d get them. (Rather, they do, but they’re vastly less comfortable than the all-in-one model.)

@Prommie: I don’t think they resole Converse. And if they did, I don’t think I would want it.

I still have my 1982 Birks. Or rather, I still have the straps — everything else has been replaced multiple times.

@Prommie: I had a pair of Cole Haan loafer resoled over and over for 25 years, until I wore through the leather on the toes. I’ve had many of my leather-soled shoes re-soled. It is, however, getting hard to find good craftsmen.

@Prommie: I get shoes resoled, if the dogs don’t eat them first.

@SanFranLefty: I saw the play “Black Watch” recently at UCLA, about the famous Scottish regiment, and the word “cunt” was used in nearly every exchange of dialog. In a heavy Scots accent, of course.

@Prommie: never have “sexpot”, “hairy” and “Queen Elizabeth” been used in the same sentence before.


“Cunt in the Bush”

Good Times. Good Times….

@Prommie: Yes. I go to the City Shoe Shop on Cordova Road behind Big O Tires in Santa Fe for all my resoling needs, as well as sewing on my high top bush boots from the Arrow Moccasin Co in Hudson, Mass. I’m wearing a pair of Clark’s chukka boots now that are on their third sole. I switched to Vibram for the resoles and can wear them for working in the yard, bird hunting or light hiking w/thick sox, and on Monday morning wipe the dust off, polish ’em up and they’re good for work. (Pretty relaxed dress code here.)

@SanFranLefty: I’m not so attuned to sizes or even what’s a truly classy [a word I hate, I know you must, too, since you said classy with a K meter] look. I actually think the shedevil looks great, even rather elegant, most of the time, but I AM attuned to Frank Zappa’s standards. “What’s the ugliest part of your body? . . . I think it’s your mind.” In Palin’s case, to steal from one of my favorite writers, Ngaio Marsh, “. . . mind, a courtesy title for your cerebral arrangements.” By those standards, she is UGLY, no wait, HIDEOUS. I grew up in the northern Midwest. “Pretty is as pretty does.” When Prommie called her a “mean girl,” he nailed it. Meh, she’s no better than a Pfotenhauer.

@SanFranLefty: Thanks, I passed the links on.
@Prommie: I had my 12 y.o. DrMaartens re-soled once, appropriately enough in Seoul. My Berks are also totally re-made many times over. There’s a good cobbler close to my
office, but he just reminds me that I’m a slacker in the shine department.

I hate to throw things away.

@nojo: Sorry to tell you what you already know, Bernanke is pitiless. [Although you are so deserving, he’d make an exception for you if only he were aware of the straits you find yourself in.]

Just won a big case – an ugly inter-tribal child custody case against a former tribal chairman in his own tribal court in Montana who used the court there to deprive the mom of custody and almost all contact since June 2007. Justice for the mom, a Seminole tribal member.

*happy dance*


When you recycle sneakers you are also recycling their bouquet.


Congrats! Must feel good to see justice done….

@redmanlaw: Nice work. It’s good to be able to do the Snoopy dance when you’ve worked your butt off on a case.

@redmanlaw: Well, if she keeps the tags on all her outfits, maybe Palin can return the clothes for cash on Nov. 5.

Congrats on the court win, too. Always feels great to win won for the little guy (or gal) since sadly those victories can be few and far between. That’s worth leaving work an hour early, right?

@SanFranLefty: I’ve heard they’re going to “donate the clothes to charity”.

Seems they could raise more money auctioning them off. Unwashed.

@SanFranLefty: I wish. Tomorrow, though, when I go see METALLICA with Son of RML in Albuquerque.

Bwah hahahahahahahahahahahaha! This is so fucking priceless! Somewhere in Reno, there is a prankster who will be rewarded in heaven for this.

Not if the IRS has any say.

Ewww! But not above the Repubs these days.


@Jamie Sommers: That is actually a depiction nor of a donkey, but of a moeritherium, an ancestor of the elephant that lived approximately 35-37 million years ago, if one believes what “scientists” say about “evolution”, which is still jut a “theory”, according to the campaign.

@nojo: Shit if the RNC were smart, they’d start auctioning off her thongs now to raise money to match the Unicorn’s haul.
@Jamie Sommers: At least one subversive queen is working on the Talibunny fashion team.

@SanFranLefty: Including Bill Kristol’s gold-plated trophy? Looks really nice on his mantel.

@SanFranLefty: It’s so bad, I actually think she’s using straight women.

@SanFranLefty: I know I went on record as preferring the natural sauce, but Palin’s natural sauce, no thank you.

@SanFranLefty: Thank you — and yes, I will be postering that number up as much as I can.

@rptrcub: And I was serious what I told you – if you can take off an afternoon and paper the A-A neighborhoods of ATL with “KNOW YOUR RIGHTS” flyers from Election Protection with the number and info explaining that you aren’t arrested for outstanding warrants if you go vote, you would do quite the karmic favor to the FSM.

@redmanlaw: Which three? I can’t narrow it down. The 2nd Amendment is one of them for you, no doubt. However, I’m a big fan of the 14th Amendment seeing as how it’s my source of employment and it’s a good way to incorporate the entire Bill of Rights against the states and not just the feds, not to mention I’m a supporter of the 13th, 15th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, and 24th amendments. Naturally I’m a softie for the original 10 – even the 2nd – though the 3rd isn’t that big of a deal these days. (We hope).

The 11th, on the other hand, is a never-ending pain in my ass.

Here’s a crib list for the vast majority of you normal humans who aren’t Con Law geeks and want to follow along at home.

NOTE TO RPTRCUB: Check out how many of the Constitutional amendments deal with protecting and expanding the suffrage. Does that get you more fired up to protect the vote? (Not that you weren’t already)

@SanFranLefty: According to “Know Your Rights” by the Clash, the three rights you have are the right to not to be killed, unless done by a policeman or an aristocrat; the right to food money, in exchange for investigation and humiliation; and, the right to free speech, just as long as you aren’t stupid enough to use it.

“Finally then I will read you your rights

“You have the right to remain silent
You are warned that anything you say
Can and will be taken down
And used as evidence against you.”

@SanFranLefty: Of course! As well as the fact that I’ve met John Lewis and the Rev. Joseph Lowery — people who fought for these rights in the 60s — in person. And I got to view the original writings of MLK Jr. on display at the Atlanta History Center, now owned by Morehouse. Talk about being inspired….

As well as that groovy 19th Amendment song on Schoolhouse Rock: Sufferin’ til Suffrage.

O/T But since we’re doing law thingumies, I have a question for you lawyer types: Can a contract entered into between a client and an agent – of whatever kind – last after the death of the client so that his or her estate is still bound by it?

@Lyndon LaDouche: Yes. Your estate can be compelled to make your corpse dance on stage. That’s how “Nightmare Before Christmas” was cast.

@Lyndon LaDouche: Only to the extent of services provided prior to death; I am not sure that the agent, for example, could sell your book after your death and come looking for a cut, though he or she may have a quantum meruit claim for services rendered in reasonable expectation of compensation, which is the law’s way of saying “No but Yes” in answer to your question. Or your contract with your agent may contain a provision explicitly adressing this issue, saying, for example, “this agreement shall bind the parties’ heirs and assigns.”

If you feel that your genius will be discovered by a wider audience only after your demise, as so often happens (we have already discovered it here, my dear, being so far ahead of the curve in matters of art and taste), and if as a result your various papers and writings now thought to be of only sentimental value will in fact become priceless treasures, and your estate finds itself dealing with a studio bidding war over the rights to make the biopic of your life, if this is what you fear, then you should hie thee to an experienced scrivener for the making of a will which would specifically provide for such circumstances. Wills are actually the best value for the money of all legal services.

@redmanlaw: I have heard that Bill Shatner has been dead for some time now; this explains the success of Boston Legal, as its been an improvement.

Also, in other economic news, apparently T-bills are teh FAIL.

@Prommie @redmanlaw: Can this possibly be correct? Tell me if it sounds right to you:

I have a contract as a writer with an agent – this is standard for the theatre – who negotiated what is called a ‘production contract’ for me with a producer. So far as I was concerned, the agent was negotiating in my behalf with said producer. My agent, much loved, died and I have moved to a new agency. However, I discover that there is a small clause in my contract with the producer negotiated by agent that compels me to pay them 10% commission for the length of the copyright of the play. Which is now 75 years after death, I think. There is a clause in the contract that allows for arbitration however, it also mentions going to court so the Am Assoc of Arbitrators tells me it is meaningless.

I would stress that both of these clauses are standard. Agents buy the back-list of other agents when they retire or go out of business. So they are trading in the 10% commissions of writers who may no longer be on their books.

I have talked to a couple of attorneys but this idea just came to me. I am about to make a stink with my guild , they’re all lawyers and I don’t want to make a bigger fool of myself than is absolutely necessary.

@rptrcub: I read that quickly and thought you wrote, comic news. Perhaps you do.

@Lyndon LaDouche: May want to check on what the life of a copyright was at the time the contract was signed.

@redmanlaw: But aren’t old copyrights extended with the new laws, unless they already expired? Don’t tell me Disney lobbyists overlooked that one.

(And yes, that’s Kitty Bait.)

@redmanlaw: I can’t remember what it is, whether it’s 50 or 75 years after death or if it’s 50 years after creation. It changed recently. Doesn’t much matter to me since I won’t be around either way.

My question is that this contract seems to have been entered into by stealth, without one party disclosing its interest to another. For example, it wouldn’t hold up in a real estate transaction here in NY. Does it sound possible that such a long-lasting contract can be made without making clear what the terms are? The accepted practice is for new agents to split commissions with old agents who then hand on all the work. However, in may case, the old agent won’t split commission but expects the new agent to do all the work.

This contract is with that particular producer? So does it not only apply to royalties from productions put on by that producer? Wanna fax me the clause in question? As long as it only applies to royalties from that particular producer, is no problemo, no?

Who are the parties to the contract, all three of you, or just you and the producer? And how does this gibe with the provisions of the agency contract?

@nojo: mmm . . . could be. I’m thinking that our boy may have a contract right to the copyright term incorporated into the contract at the time it was signed. This is not my area, so I’ll watch from the sidelines.

@Lyndon LaDouche: “Breach of fiduciary duty” anyone, or is that the price you pay for fame?

@Prommie: Mr. Prom, Esq. raises a good point.

@Prommie: Have to go and see college kids perform Comapany, God help me. Can I email re info? You can reach me at

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