Michelle Bachmann Is A Bitch.

Straight-up.  No sugar coating.  Only a bare link to the video in order to prove the thesis. (It’s seven minutes long. Watch it before eating.)

If you manage to get through it, post it to your locker-room wall. You want motivation? You got it.

Reactionary, McCarthyesque, no-good, rotten to the core bitch.


Actually, I’m going to channel Manchu here:

Michelle Bachmann, you’re a bitch;
You’re a pathetic, lousy hack!
You wouldn’t know about decency if it bit you in the back —
You’re a biiiiiitch!

You’re a cow-pie sandwich laced with arsenic and washed down a warm bucket of pissssss! [Horn section.]

Yeah. You know, I got through about 45 seconds of that shit.

It annoys and amuses me that conservatives try to paint liberals as unpatriotic. After writing about Faulkner and thinking about RML’s mention of Steinbeck, I starting thinking about how much this country fascinates me — how much I love it. How I’ve learned so much through literature and travel.

I’ve driven across the US four times, and each time was a joy. I love the West, the Northeast, the South, the Mid Atlantic, the Midwest. I love it all and all of the variation and physical beauty of these places. And the interesting people. I love this country. It’s an amazing place.

And we have problems. We have systemic problems that need fixing, and it’s patriotic to say that this country can be so much more than it already is. We need to look out for each other more. We need to learn about each other and figure out how we can keep our wonderfully diverse characteristics and still be cohesive.

I’m currently at a weekend conference (spent most of the afternoon travelling) and staying at a hotel with High Speed Internet.

Nice song CB.

All this talk about who is more patriotic is veiled racism. Can’t drop N-Bombs. Can’t use the ones that people know so they’re going with “more patriotic” now which is Obama isn’t a “true” America because he isn’t white.

Fuck you, Michelle with a rusty chainsaw.

I’ve had this said to me before. I was told I wasn’t a “real” Canadian because of my Asian genes by some racist shit at the age of 8. Like most racists, he wasn’t all that smart because I had a non firing BB rifle with a solid wooden stock in my hand at the time he said it to me. Took four kids to stop me after I clubbed him a couple times and then I chased him around the block till he ran home screaming in terror.

I got away with it because the little shit wasn’t going to tell his racist daddy he got whupped and humiliated by a “slant.” Told my parents and they didn’t say anything–my mom was horrified, but my dad just shrugged his shoulders.

When we faced off playing hockey later, I always found a way to get an extra shot or trip him up.

What makes me laugh is that Obama’s smarter and wiser than the pack of them. He lets them spout off and all they do is end up looking real fucking dumb like right now.

One of the reasons I can relate to Obama is he’s an outsider who has had to find his own way, too. I don’t know him and will never meet him, but I have read about the snippets of his life and can relate to what he thinks/feels. He’s fortunate that he’s an even tempered guy than myself and my sometimes short temper.

It’s like when the baseball desegregated. Jackie Robinson made the racists look as stupid as they really are.

Part of me wonders if dumbass Bachman isn’t more than little envious of Barry and has evil thoughts of wanting to tap that.

@ManchuCandidate: I so want you to write about identity and outsiderness for my blog. I would be honored. It’s a theme that I’ll be writing about for a while. That and the mood swings I’m having right now.

@ Everyone: All are invited to write about such things. I believe Rome Girl and my friend Braak have something to say. Even if you feel like you had the most middle-class, tree-lined streets childhood, I’d love to read about it. So much goes into making who we are.

I will. I’m thinking how I’m going to approach it. I think it’s harder to do than actually writing it.

@ManchuCandidate: Yes. Or you could stream of consciousness it and then edit, or not. I don’t mean to rush you.

So this is what passes for Le Stinque After Dark? I have a room to prime and paint. Hey, Clone Wars is on. Love the Droid troopers. What a bunch of maroons. Grevious is a bad ass.

I didn’t watch the clip. I have seen Bachman before, spouting idiocy, and she never bothered me much because she is so obviously a complete idiot, I mean, flatline, moron, fuckbrain, nothing there. I am surprised she can even be effective enough at spouting racist crap to get people angry. She must have reached a new level.

I do seriously believe the right is fomenting civil war right now. Stoking regional bigotry, stoking racial bigotry, framing political differences in terms of moral, religious, and patriotic warfare.

But most insidious and dangerous and evil of all, encouraging a rejection of the democratic processes. What seperates us from those societies hobbled and held down by sectarian and tribal divisions is acceptance of the process, ACCEPTING THAT YOU LOST.

I am hearing the phrase “this election won’t be over on November 5th” more and more. They are intentionally and deliberately encouraging a rebelllion against our democratic processes, against the orderly transfer of power to the winner of the election.

I am serious, really very serious, I do believe this is getting very very close to fomenting civil war.


Thats fucking evil, and dangerous.

There will be blood.

@redmanlaw: After Dark is supposed to start at 11, and I want a good one, you fuckers. I had the week from hell, confined to Dunder Mifflin’s sad trade show for 60 hours, I need the company of smart, funny people trading jabs and flirts. Come on, Nojo, bring on the Stanque.

Well, apparently CrazyEyes McCarthy has rousted the anti-amurikin libtards from their dope-induced haze because the intertubes are bursting with news that her opponent has raised $60K since that dumbshit opened her mouth.

And the comments on her facebook page are priceless.

@ManchuCandidate: I’m currently at a weekend conference (spent most of the afternoon travelling) and staying at a hotel with High Speed Internet.

Michelle Bachmann stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

@Bionic Bee-yotch: Who is her opponent and where can I pledge my credit card?

God bless Michelle Bachmann.

I mean it. The worse they all get, their repudiation will be that much sweeter. Not that they’ll accept that repudiation, but if Obama is elected over their cries of terrorist and anti-American, their effectiveness will be severely diminished.

Make no mistake: What we’re seeing now is flop sweat.

God, I can’t wait to see her on Inauguration Day.

@nojo: Ix-nay on the repudiation ord-way.

@redmanlaw: Yes. If I were a reporter in DC, I’d go to each of these em-effers and ask them, “How YOU doin’?”

@SanFranLefty: His name is Elwyn Tinklenberg ( I swear to god I’m not making that up.)

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