Make. It. Stop.

Once again, for your captioning pleasure:


I can has tardive dyskinesia? The side effects of the 800 mg Seroquel doses manifest after Wednesday’s debate.

A Drool is Worth a Thousand Pictures.

Where oh where is Chainsaw when we need him?

(seriously, where is he?)

@nabisco: I suspect he’s fomenting revolution in Central America. He’ll turn up again once he’s emptied his bandoliers.

Barack and Michelle Obama, Displaying Hitherto Unknown Enthusiasm for Forgotten Monster Movies, Pose Near Prized Pair of Life-size Promotional Cut-Outs for Reptilicus Vs. HazMantis.

1) McCain afterwards: “What??? The photographer said this one was the funny photo!!!”

2) John McCain shows the suave technique that made Cindy fall in love with him.

Barry & Michelle & John & Cindy

John: “Ah brown sugar how come you taste so good”
The rest: “Shut up John!”

Posing — ur doin it rong.

Poseur — ur doin it rite.

@rptrcub: Seriously — he could be on some antipsychotic that gave him TD but didn’t level his mood nary a bit. I vote Risperdal cuz it’s generic. Maybe a shot of Haldol?

Where my people are from, we ask people making idiotic gape-mouthed expressions if they’re trying to catch flies.

@JNOV: Those generics don’t always work the same way, esp. when you are talking about stuff dealing with your brains. Generic lamotrigine, which was approved this year, doesn’t work for me the way brand-name Lamictal does, prob. due to the altering of a few molecules b/c copyright stuff. “Brand medically necessary” is something the Geez needs on his prescription.

@JNOV: Another explanation is that this is his poker playing tell.

And yes, I could have linked to the original post from fivethirtyeight, but I like the breezier eyeleetist tone of the econo jam.

I’m convinced he didn’t know that every time he thought he was smiling, he was actually opening his mouth and lolling his tongue out. Either a stroke during the debate, or some time-release drug that kicked in hard.

Just start clicking – different stuff behind the door too:

@rptrcub: True. The only generic I take is clonazepam. P-doc took me off the anti-depressants, and I’m not doing so well right now. I need them NOW! But I’ll have to wait until Tuesday. And then wait two weeks for them to work. Ugh.

@nabisco: Yes, yes! Most definitely a tell, lying little fuck.

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