Blessed are the Cheesemakers

Like many Americans, Sarah Palin has had to take a low-paying second job recently to make ends meet, as a greeter for a failing hate merchant.

And it was while she was going about her business of saving the Republic from terrorist pals Monday that shouts broke out from the back of the crowd she was haranguing.

You know, one of those incidents the media doesn’t report because it doesn’t fit the narrative dictated by the Communists at General Electric, Viacom, Disney, and Time Warner.

But the sharp-eyed Palin, who can spot Vladimir Putin nodding in a jet passing 30,000 feet overhead, was ready for the disruption:

“I hope those protesters have the courage and honor to give veterans thanks for their right to protest,” she said, probably pausing to accept the adulation of the audience for her pit-bull performance.

Only the disruption wasn’t a protest. The people at the back of the crowd couldn’t hear her. They were shouting “Louder!”

Palin mistakes fans for protesters at Va. rally [AP]

She didn’t get the memo: protesters heckle in order to get a rise out of the candidate. Supporters interrupt the candidate with an “I’m not finished“. Supremely mavericky.

Meanwhile, did you notice the sked today?

McCain = Rally in Montgomery Co., Pa.
Palin = Rally in Scranton, Pa. (But also! She was invited to interview for job at Dunder Mifflin. Hope it goes well.)
Biden = Rally in Clairesville, Ohio.

Way to be, Black Eagle.

Seriously: don’t you think PG would be best served by hunkering down in order to ensure that he kicks Barry’s — oh, I don’t know, what’s the word — his “you know what” on Wednesday? Which, by the way, is tomorrow? Next thing, he’ll be on somebody for providing coffee without pink sugar — yes, it is getting that bad.

@chicago bureau: Why prepare for anything when Diebold or daddy will take care of it? Worked for Shrub in two elections.

SanFranLefty: The thing about it, though, was that the last two elections were close. One state swung it both times.

In order for the whole Diebold thing — defined here as moving the actual vote count significantly, but not overtly (so as not to raise sustained suspicion from anybody beyond Code Pink & co.), through machine-based malfeasance — to work, the races have to be close. Geezer’s doing nothing that would prevent Obama from taking the election, absent a totally obvious attempt to rig things (which I do not put past any Republican operative).

That said, I think Barry needs at least 300 electoral votes on election night. That’s more than the margin provided by Ohio (or Florida, or Pennsylvania). He gets that, and it’s over. The GOP may be able to get away with turning one state, but the public will not have any patience for a nationalized recount, where the GOP is the instigator.

@chicago bureau: In 2000 Sandra Day O’Connor swung it. She’s responsible for a lot of carnage. Someone should confront her if she’s interviewed, but what are the chances of that?

That Sarah really is a talking points gal. She used that same line the other day on a group of actual protesters.

She’s really so much funnier when she does improv.

Say what you will about Andrew Sullivan, but the simple brevity of this is quite delicious.

@mellbell: He’s on a roll, loathe as I am to admit it. This was also hilarious, especially the “straight-acting” line.

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