Wednesday, 11:45pm, Long Island Marriott, Uniondale.

So, Geezer said that he is going to “whip [Black Eagle’s] you-know-what in this debate” coming up on Wednesday. Those clowns can’t even play the expectations game right.

On the evidence, unless Bob Schieffer totally decides to suckerpunch Hopey — literally, come up from behind the desk and whomp him — Obama/Biden is looking at a four-for-four sweep. In which case, absent the effect of the inevitable bin Laden mix tape and the “Obama was a coke-snorter” ad, we might be down to — well, allow me to suggest the one awesome West Wing clip that RomeGirl missed, to be re-enacted by Claire McCaskill after the debate…

[Of course, I will now go outside, turn around three times and spit, in order to appease the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing.]


Its the last chance to do it, except for the inauguration; hope’s opening line should be either “excuse me, while I whip this out,” or, more simply, “where the white women at?”

Why are there all these “Yes on Prop. 8” ads here? Horrifying…

I see them not. (Thankfully.) I think that if your IP number has you coming from California, you get to experience such things.

How goes Prop 8 anyway? I had the distinct pleasure of being among the 40% who voted against Prop 22, so I have a passing interest. Was hearing that things are not so good. True?

Mad Men moment (spoiler free)

Jane (Roger’s “fiance”) with her hair down. Yowzah.

Good ep.

@chicago bureau: Es verdad. Prop. 8 (overturn Cal Sup Ct gay marriage decision) and Prop. 4 (force teen girls get parental consent for abortion) are both winning.

@Promnight: I was gleefully unaware of Pat Dollard until you linked to him. Why do you hate so?

@smapdi: An interesting comment. Can you elaborate?
Promnight isn’t exactly one who subscribes to “Detestor, ergo sum”, although I know he would be the first to be able to translate it. I’d like to hear why you think he is so full of hate.

@SanFranLefty: If Prop 8 wins, I’ll blame dear Gav for acting like an ass (as usual) while cameras were rolling. I sure hope it loses, though.

I was about to say something clever, but Don Draper’s getting laid.

@Ewalda: I was unaware of the above mentioned person until Promnight linked to his website. Now I am aware of that person and my buzz has been harshed, seriously.

@nojo: Damn, forgot it’s not HBO. Sheets up, everone!

@smapdi: Yes, I’d never heard of him before, either. His website is really vile, overall.
Hey: Promnight, you read that website alot?

@smapdi: No, no, this is good. It’s nice to have all that idiocy conveniently collected in one page. Voting Fraud is clearly the Meme du Jour.

@nojo: It makes me want to kill brown people and masturbate.

That’s all that is going on over there. Well, I guess it is fantasy masturbatory brown people killing.

By the way, CB, I’m starting to get jealous of your headlines. I may have to challenge you to a dry-off.

I might be forced to take another look at that page. Just for purely scientific reasons, you understand.
Maybe it would be safer to send Chainsaw on a scouting mission.

Im off to to google pictures of kitties and unicorns. Then I have to get back to all that cowering.

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