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From Porn Movies for Women — part of the Porn for Women Network! — some recommendations for your weakened awakened weekend pleasure:

Facesitting Pleasures Series: “As long as I got the face they have a place to sit.”

City of Flesh 3: “This is not your conventional adult move, its hardcore, explicit action is interlaced with an engaging storyline, skillful acting, beautiful sets and awesome music.”

Wildflower: “Feeling her early promiscuity hurt others and herself… Melony hid from her own smoldering sexuality. Then she meets Jonathan, an exhilarating, inspiring, and intoxicating poet/landscape artist.”

Chemistry 4: “See what happens when Sinnamon Love indulges her insatiable appetite, Tyler Knight is left alone with all three women, Penny Flame pushes her boundaries, Evan puts on his tiger suit, Adrianna Nicole uses her feet in some unusual ways, and Johnny arrives late and must make up for lost time.”

Candida Royalle’s Eyes of Desire: “The quiet gives rise to an unspoken longing for something she cannot define — a sensual awakening that is fueled by the discovery of her friend’s high powered telescope.”

Kiss My Cunt: “This video promises ‘all the pussy you can eat’, although it does feature anal sex, blow jobs and ‘jizz parties’, whatever they are.”

Ten things to know before you watch porn with your girlfriend [Times UK]

Dear, you look exhausted.

Please, pull up a face and sit down.

My personal fave late night pr0n right now is this:

MILF Probed by Justice aka

Apparently, putting the boots to your asshole ex-in law isn’t the wisest thing in the world. Even worse lying about it.

yeah, City of Flesh I and II were so conventional.

@ManchuCandidate: Fuck that bitch.

No really. Fuck her and her redneck hubby.

@Bionic Bee-yotch:
So much for McCain’s campaign clearing them. Heh heh.

Where’s JNOV? Her Phils laid the smack on La Dodgers.

@ManchuCandidate: Hey there! Just got home from work and talking to my boy about my fears for him w/r/t the recent racist rantings of the mob.

Yay! Female Pr0n! Huzzah!

I’m busy writing another post about race. Here’s one about my uncle passing for white, and what it meant to my family. And maybe what it meant to him.

You guys really freaked me out today, all this talk about guns and riots and shit. But the Klonpin will dull your (possible legit) hollering in a few.

Nojo!! Get out of my head. I’m off out tonight for the first time in months, and now yer making me self conscious! I can’t live up to that standard!

At least some of my female friends will enjoy the link!

@JNOV: Deleted several attempts because I can’t tell in my drunk state whether something would come across condescending or patronizing, or , shit, racist.

I’m glad you’re talking with your son, never underestimate the racism extant in this FSM-forsaken country, I always did and I’m fucking startled by the video of the rabid drooling angry mob psyche manifested in the latest Psychogeezer/Talibunny rallies. But I shouldn’t be.

I’m ready to go psycho (again) on my family if the election doesn’t turn out the way I want, but even if it does I’m afraid, having seen these people on my teevee screen, that they may go on a rampage and incite race riots and pogroms against not only anyone with a different skin color, but also a different political and/or sexual orientation. These people are so irrational and primed for violence, literally anything could set them off.

The people we see in the Psychogeezer rally videos are angry, they have no idea what they are angry at, they can’t define it rationally, so they lash out at anything different or seems to fit a misconceived definition of political otherness, socialism, atheism, anythingism that isn’t their own brand of comforting christian fundamentalism, and they frighten me, they scare me to the marrow. They are ready to establish a theocratic autocracy that denies everyone any kind of freedom of pleasure.

I am ready to fight them with my sissy-fists, and any other weapons I can scrounge up when they come round to gather us. I’ve always been a pseudo-pacifist, but in my middle age, when it comes to me, my husband and my dog, I’m ready to fight these pigfuckers every inch of the way, by any means necessary.

Nojo, are you spying on me or something? Last time I went to this particular venue, there was someone in a tiger suit!

*adds extra layer of tin-foil to hat*


Economic collapse is a great way to foment the bigot underclasses and maintain a politics of xenophobia and intolerance. Ian Welsh who writes on economics at, projected this collapse no later than September in an article last winter. So did BushCo allow/facilitate the fall of the economy (knowing their friends and cronies would be “covered”) to extend the neocon reign?

@JNOV: Deeply revealing and Americanish essay. Mum had an expression for our ethnicity given the mix of mixes that collided to inform the genetic make-up the family: happy mongrels.

@AARPrick: Anyone within a mile of the mortgage industry knew this was going to happen in 2000 or so when the neutron mortgages started showing up again. You don’t get it wrong at the beginning and right at the end.

@Pedonator: I think this is a historic moment for the US, and the world. Time to lay bare the latent racism in our society, expose what we all know to be a lie, that this is somehow a more tolerant society than it was in the Fifties. The percentage of Neanderthals out there need to be dragged out into the daylight for all of us to see them, mock them and even pity them.

Cat Stick understands this, I’m sure.

I wish I had some insight about financial things pre 2000.

My financial education didn’t begin till post Tech bust and I started reading about the GD, Black Monday 87, Mortgage backed securities, S&L mess and ironically, the Keating 5 affair.

When I read about the terms of the mortgages in 2004/5, it instinctually didn’t make any sense to me. Especially the Interest only ones. The real estate boom felt similar to the one that flattened real estate in the late 80s, but much worse.

I learned that M3 data was stopped and a couple of financial folks I know told me that this very very very bad in 2005 (that summer I sold what little remained of my US stock portfolio and ate my losses.)

Finally, Dick Cheney’s financial adviser told all his clients to get the fuck out of the stock market in late 2006.

Then I read a bit more about derivatives (but I didn’t know how massive that mess was till a month ago.)

I’ve been thinking about how bad was going to be since mid 2006. Even so this is like watching someone wither away right in front of you while unable to do a damned thing. Who the fuck would listen to me? I’m no talking head or fizkal expert. I just hoped I was wrong.

Then she meets Jonathan, an exhilarating, inspiring, and intoxicating poet/landscape artist.

Landscape artists are well-known for their all-around hotness. We Brits don’t call him Cuntstable for nothing.

Portrait painters, not so much.

@ManchuCandidate: Who is Dick Cheney’s financial advisor? Or should I say who was Dick Cheney’s financial advisor?

@Pedonator: :-D

@FlyingChainSaw: :-D

I fixed some typos and wrote another post about identity and racism. I think I’ll get back to my lalalalaignorethebigotslalalalatheycan’tharmyoulalala soon. That’s how I cope.

I tried to find out who because the article stated who it was. Couldn’t find it.

All I remember about the FA is that she/he’s one of those guys who is very well paid, very good and only well known by eelights.

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