Asian Cliff Diving

Not to turn Stinque into Calculated Risk, but:


My guess is Dow down 5-7% today … but who knows!  Isn’t unfettered capitalism teh awesome?!!!1?!


Will Wall Streeter Soylent Green taste better than regular person Soylent Green? Much like Kobe Beef is to regular beef?

Just curious that is all (as he hides his meat cleaver.)

@ManchuCandidate: First one to get stoned to death is Phil Gramm – much of this can be laid at his well-shod feet.

@blogenfreude: Wait until the Asian money lenders start looking for those who stole their wimmen over the years. Gramm will be first in line.

Phil should be the first and not because he has Yellow Fever. Can’t all you non Asians keep your hands off our women?

As for the prediction, sadly you would be wrong. DJI opens at 8300!


I think we’ll be in serious trouble when they report the DJI as a complex number (a bad electrical engineer joke based on the square root of -1.)

Yup, the curbs will be activated today. Can you take ritalin and xanax together? Is that going a little elvis-ey?

On the other hand, its exciting in an “eyewitness to history” way. There was a series of historical fiction books I devoured when I was ten, the “You were there” books, “You Were There at the Battle of Britain,” and I am just getting that 10-year old sense of excitement and portent and all. Can’t wait for fuckwad’s fireside chat this morning.

@ManchuCandidate: Apparently not – my girlfriend is Japanese.

Heh. Don’t worry, I’m only kidding.

My mom has increased her whining about my failure to meet a good Korean girl. I’ve discovered that there aren’t many Korean atheists who have a rebellious streak. Those that do (including me) usually break for non Koreans.

@ManchuCandidate: No. Asian women are #1 on this list of Stuff White People Like.
You say Bush has made 7 statements in the last 10 days? I didn’t even know he was still around. I thought he was in Crawford or something. And has anyone seen Cheney? I think he’s already in the compound in Paraguay.

@Mistress Cynica:
I found the post on SWPL.

Heh. That’s true about Asian agelessness. My mom’s 67 and looks like she is in her 40s. My sister looks like she is 25 even though she is 35.

Amusing especially the comments from white guys who are hung up on the size of their penises.

@ManchuCandidate: If spam has taught me nothing else, it’s that my penis is far too small.


I have a friend who is Japanese/African-American. She’s in her fifties and looks 25, no joke. It’s almost creepy.

@Mistress Cynica:

Cheney is taking some time off, relaxing on the Plains of Leng with the other Elder Gods.

How the hell did you all get from asian cliff-diving to asian muff-diving? I do still remember learning from that cultural documentary, Shogun, that the asian chicks, or at least the Japanese chicks, stand in awe of the gargantuan gaijin cock!

/TJ(?) — Obama’s gonna have a 30 minute infomercial Oct. 29 in prime time, national. Did someone say “Fireside Chat” just a little while ago? Just hope the airwaves are still functioning and the electricity is still on by then.


I will remain silent on the subject of Asian peen, except to mention that, as in all things, not everything you hear is necessarily true .

Ohmygod, Ohmygod, threadjack, Palin’s SATs, it looks real, she is exactly my age, the document looks exactly like mine,



Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.

@Pedonator: I read about this last night and am surprised that it’s not bigger news by now. I’m a little fuzzy as to the math, but if you believe the high end estimate for cost per 30 seconds, and assume that airtime is not sold cheaper in bulk, and that Obama is gunning for the big four (World Series notwithstanding), then it’s a reasonable guess that the campaign is dropping $30 million on this. I trust their judgment, but damn.

@ManchuCandidate: I know precisely the girl for you, 30s, smart, attractive, secular, dipped in the pool of foreigners but currently back in Seoul. I had a srs crush on her but my wedding vows and deep-rooted monogamy kept that in check. She’d prolly want to know if you are the eldest (or only) son, however, because she hates that whole stay in the kitchen thing during chusok.

@Prommie: Doesn’t that just prove her Joe Six Pack bona fides, such as?

@nabisco: You sound like Ray Smuckles sometimes, such as.

@mellbell: I always thought the presidential candidates should be given some amount of free airtime, but then I lean toward the commie/socialist view that some resources, such as airwaves, are too precious to be fully privatized. In this case, I’m glad they have to pony up the big $$, because the Unicorn campaign is richer than FSM at this point, and the McCain campaign, not so much.

It’s like Hopey’s saying, “Ante up, old man — gonna make you my boy!”

@Pedonator: Why should Geez bother when Fux will give him all the airtime he wants?

Yay Connecticut! Cheer up Darien and Greenwich masters of the universe. You may have to sell the Aspen ski chalet in order to keep your Manhattan pied-a-terre, and you may have to fly first class on your honeymoon instead of chartering, but at least you can now get gay-married!

The homosexual agenda is like a juggernaut!

Is everyone glued to their Bloomberg Terminals this morning, or what?

@Pedonator: Day full of meetings intended solely to distract all of us from the collapsing house of cards.

Oh, then there’s this. Just sorry that the “dice” reference wasn’t extended to that 2005 incident in Puerto Rico.

@Pedonator: I’m actually the E-trade baby, and I’ve just spit up on my keyboard. I apologize for the short-circuit sending everything into a tailspin today.

@nabisco: @blogenfreude: Seeing as there’s no Mr. Flippin, I could go for this! Let’s see, here’s my ad:

Tall, smart-ass, not-too-clumsy, liberal Christian brunette, into volleyball, elite beer, PBS documentaries on obscure topics, and rabbits (both as pets and as SatC-famed devices) ISO lanky, smart, sweet geek-type to expound on the theology of noodley appendanges, cook lovely meals (of which I’ll happily clean up after), and kiss me til I’m dizzy. Special consideration given to EU passport holders.

tj/Rez Football video- No grass, just dirt, rocks and dust. “Cliff Diving” is the weekend sport thread, isn’t it? (btw, Jemez Pueblo is one of my tribal clients.)

@flippin eck: Even in my young, hot, and sexy days, there was no way anyone would have described me as “lanky”. That word does not apply to 5’8″ men. Alas.
I have always been enamored of, and dated, tall women. I just fit together very well with them vs smaller women. My wife of over 30 years towers over me.

@Ewalda: Sigourney Weaver is 5-11. I’m 6-2. Perfect fit. I hate leaning over to talk.

@Ewalda: Who said anything about tall? “Lanky” is just to weed out the men with no neck. I’m sure you have a lovely neck. But you’re not exactly on the market now are you.

@nojo: Amen to the leaning over thing. I can’t tell you how many converations I’ve missed out on among shorter friends in a noisy bar.

@flippin eck:
hey flippen, where are you? where do you live?
how about a nice beach vacay? handsome rich men abound. you trip over them on the sidewalk, they stand up in your soup.
consider it!

@flippin eck: You learn a lot about vocal acoustics at my height.

@Ewalda: Certain things are just easier when the partners are close to the same height, even woman taller in hetero relationships. For example, sex standing up is much easier when the woman is as tall as the man. But if she’s a lot smaller, he can just pick her up. That’s fun, too! Yay!

Happy Monday morning! I’m home sick so I can play with y’all instead of watch the Stinquer Bus pass me by while I toil. Until I pass out from the fever and the cold meds.

It all depends on the ratio of legs to the torso. I dated a woman who was 6″ with long legs (I am a little under 5’7″), but we were face to face lying down. Admittedly it was a bit awkward at times.

Take it easy. I’m off today thanks to Canada City’s Thanksgiving. Plan to go for a run, and read for a bit.

@ManchuCandidate: Oh, yes — I believe some are celebrating some sort of arrival of a rapist explorer down here.

Have fun with famn damily! My brother is bringing his baby momma from NOLA this Thanksgiving. She has met most of the immediate family, so I don’t suspect she’ll stroke out when she meets the rest of us.

You’re right — it’s all about the legs.

ADD: 5’7″? I’m 5’7″! Wink wink nod nod I’ll say no more.


AND, makes its first connection. Can we get a testimonial from you guys for promotional purposes?

@flippin eck: I’ve always hated the “lanky” description; at 6’3″ and 175, I prefer “hopey”. Ms. Nabisco prefers “unavailable” of course.

@nojo: Depth perception as well.

@nabisco: Ohhhhh. You sound like someone I used to know very, very well.

I have a lot of love for my Canadian friend. Buckets of it.

TJ/ You guys see this shit? Argh! (I’m still reading it, so don’t tell me how it ends.)

@JNOV: We were gonna take the train into Philly and visit Ben, the Hall and take the kids to the Hands On museum, but now we’ve decided to go to Hawk Mtn. One of my favorite day trip getaways.

@nabisco: I’ve never been to Hawk Mtn, but it sounds great. I was dating this Yaqui guy when I lived in CA, and there was a red tail sitting on the roof of a car in the parking lot. At the time I considered myself an animist, so I wasn’t distressed when he told me he was going to go talk to the hawk. What did distress me, however, was that he wouldn’t tell me what the hawk said. Hawks telling secrets? C’mon! ;-)

I love being outdoors! I haven’t even been to New Hope. Hopefully I’ll get outside before the weather takes its turn.


If we do make a commercial I’d request that the ad company make me just a bit less (okay alot less) of a smug asshole than those on the eHarmony ones?

Those commercials cause me to slam the remote button and build the urge to punch everyone involved with them.

@ManchuCandidate: Pfft on eHarmony. They don’t let teh gheyz find mates, right? Oh, and Husband #2 lied on and said he was divorced while we were separated (and starting the divorce process). He moved in with a woman the night they met online and in real life. She found out he was still married and was pissed, but she didn’t care too much until she realized that he kind of is a jerk and kicked him out. Then she got him banned from for lying.

So, on to Yahoo Personals for him where he found his current (I guess they’re still together cuz he hasn’t been bugging me for about a year) girlfriend who has some sort of phobia about working. I’ve never heard of such a thing. I don’t want to work, but it doesn’t really scare me, but we’ll assume for the sake of argument that such a thing does exist. When her kids age out of child support, she is screwed, cuz Husband #2 doesn’t earn enough for her to keep her house.

I know how to pick ’em! Yeah!

Yup no geyz, atheists and big no on interracial dating (boo on all accounts!)

@ManchuCandidate: Well, I am truly screwed as a mixed-race atheist. Piss on them.

I am hiiiiiigh on cold meds right now. Yay generic Advil Cold and Sinus!

I’ve met two folks in real life that I met on One was a great EE dude, and one was a crazy ex-Marine. I should tell the crazy ex-Marine story one day. I’m probably lucky to be alive after that encounter.

Instead I’d rather tell you about fatass Princess the cat. She’s so fat now that she can’t groom her back, and she’s developing kitty dred locks. And she’s kind of feral. So I’ve been chasing her around with the kitty brush, which she’d rather chew on, trying to get her back fur under control. She is definitely not a lap cat, although she does want affection at times. And despite her megagigantor size, she’s really fast. I try sneaking up on her with the brush, and she hollers and runs like hell. At least she doesn’t want to eat my face.

Lilly will eat me if given the chance. She has that look. That look like she’ll jump on the top of my head and dig her claws into my ears. Rarely she’ll come sit on my lap and purr, and at those times, all is right with the world.

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