My Fellow Prisoners …

I can’t pick an outrage today because there are too many, so I will link to several that are pissing me off.  You can certainly add others in the comments.


I’m too disgusted … please list other outrages-of-the-day in comments.  I need Xanax.


And what about that terrorist sympathizer, Walter Annenberg? What’s his story?

Walter H. Annenberg enjoyed a distinguished career as a publisher, broadcaster, diplomat, and philanthropist and served as Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s, Great Britain, from 1969 to 1974. Having sold all of his publishing and broadcast enterprises, Ambassador Walter H. Annenberg established the Annenberg Foundation in 1989 as the successor corporation to the Annenberg School at Radnor, Pennsylvania.

Oh. Nixon’s freaking Ambassador to Great Britain funded what the Geezer’s ad called a “radical education foundation.”

Incidentally, Walter Annenberg has been dead for about six years now. If he were alive, he might have something to say about all of this. (Or maybe not — he would have been 106.)

The Palins so remind me of “My name is Earl,” a gem of a show and the only TV show ever to be set in Camden, NJ, except for Denny Terio’s dance fever, which was filmed in the old Sears store in Camden. There is just nothing in the world half so much fun as a white trash divorce feud, which is what this cop vendetta was all about, can you imagine, the first dude creeping through the bushes with his video camera to film the supposedly disabled cop, and then taking the video to the head of the State Police? Good stuff, good stuff.

(Please note that I say nothing about AIG’s new money because, well, it would make me go completely insane.)

@Prommie: It’s all so Judge Judy. And not in the good way.

@chicago bureau: Now I’m going back to the cellar.

Ya’ll got to check this out, its a video that the brand W blog linked to today, its a dude interviewing the lynch mob in the parking lot of a Palin event, and fairly early on, he asks a pretty, prosperous, and well-dressed woman “do you think he’s (Obama) a terrorist,” and her answer was “Check out the blood lines.”

Its in the first parking lot video.

Pick jaw off floor. Does anyone remember, I mentioned it the night of the VP debate, during the debate, Palin mentioned “bloodlines.” I thought it shocking. The word itself, when referring to people, is inherently racist, if you say “bloodline” and you are not talking about a show dog or a horse, you are a stone cold absolute racist.

Is this some new dogwhistle code, is there some “christian bloodline” thing going on in that whacky fundie church of hers? (the woman who spoke of bloodlines in the parking lot, BTW, reeks of fundie bunnie, hot fundamentalist babe, its a type, like being the big fish in a small pond of hotness, as it were).

Ah, well, I was wrong, damn gin, she said “bloodstream,” in her closing gibberish: “It was Ronald Reagan who said that freedom is always just one generation away from extinction. We don’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream; we have to fight for it and protect it, and then hand it to them so that they shall do the same, or we’re going to find ourselves spending our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children about a time in America, back in the day, when men and women were free.”

@Prommie: You mean the Reagan quote from when he was recording ads opposing the socialism of Medicare health care for the elderly.

@All: Here’s my outrage of the day morning. Compassionate Bush Administration quietly cutting off all condom supplies to six African nations. Who cares if there are more AIDS orphans, more women dying in childbirth or from back alley abortions? They should just practice abstinence and pray to baby Jeebus.

In re Ohio’s electoral flaggings: Georgia, which as a former Jim Crow state is under the eyes of the Justice Department when it comes to electoral/voting rights shenanigans and must have DOJ prior approval to ANY changes affecting voting rights, has been warned by the feds that they’ve gotta get permission before they do any of the SS verification. Cobb County, where I live, was to have hearings for voters who were notified that their citizenship was in question — essentially, to harass and intimidate voters by threatening to drop them from the rolls unless they attended the hearing — most likely Democratic-leaning ones. Those hearings have been cancelled.

Obama’s folks are all over it, but I’m very scared because Georgia submitted to SSA 2 MILLYON requests for verification — the highest in the nation. Registration ended Monday.

I will be joining riots on Peachtree Street if we have Ohio ’04 here.

@SanFranLefty: Left this comment for Kristof:

Nicholas Nicholas … you’re going at this all wrong. This is FAITH BASED contraception. It’s like faith-based regulation – just count on banks and corporations to do the right thing. What could possibly go wrong?

@Prommie: Mrs RML was wondering today how racists recognize each other. Code words, secret handshake, lapel pin? I have a friend who used to make black and N jokes until I let him know that wasn’t cool. Perhaps they key in on that stuff and build the ties.

People can be selectively prejudiced. Here in northern New Mexico, one frequently encounters whites who are in love with Indians, but do not care for the native Hispanics.


Tell Mrs. RML to be on the lookout for a copy of The National Review in the bathroom…that’s pretty much a giveaway.

@Prommie: Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m beginning to think that they want Hopey to be assassinated. They seem to be calling for it.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Like they would let her use the can, let along get in the house, although the 1/2 Hispanic Mrs RML could pass, and has in the past, esp. with her Anglo surname.

@Lyndon LaDouche: You’re only beginning to think that?

Truly, Lyndon, have you never experienced the genuinely bloodthirsty murderous racism of the average rural pigfucker? In my teens, I rode dirtbikes and went muddin in the sticks of rural florida with tons of proud redneck murricans, we chawed Skoal and spit in paper cups and I can tell you they pretty much spend all their time hating. Its their chief activity. They hate niggars, kikes, faggots, and spics. If they had the knowledge to be able to make finer distinctions between nationalities and ethnicities, they would hate more specifically and have epithets for more groups. They hate France most of all, but they also hate every other foreign country and think nuclear annihiliation should be the first resort in the event of any slight by anyone, no matter how small. These people are the audience for the genre of murder-porn, hyperviolence, Terminator and Die Hard and Clint Eastwood and Stallone movies.

They would gladly and proudly push the members of whatever minority group available into the trains, and then into the ovens, if asked.

They are not rare. They are common, everywhere. They frighten me. I want to go away from them, but I don’t know where.

@Prommie: The Guardian has a nice roundup of the general hatefulness from a UK-Britisher perspective.

@Prommie: I think you misspelled “nuculer.”

breaking/ Palin to Drop Puck at Flyers Home Opener. Let’s send the JNOV family and a $2 roll of quarters for throwing on the ice.

@redmanlaw: I thought they threw batteries out there?

@redmanlaw: Could JNOV maybe pop the end off one of those batteries, so it’s spewing acid as it goes?

@Prommie: Don’t forget the older generation they’re striving to do proud.

@Pedonator: I’ll buy JNOV and JNOV Jr. $30 worth of C-cells.

@BRB: Looks like a Domestic Terrorist to me.

@BRB: Louisiana grows some strange fruit indeed in those bayous.

@SanFranLefty: I’m thinking Sears Die-Hard myself.

@IanJ: Well… yah. I mean… I thought we were supposed to have moved on. N’est ce pas?

@Prommie: Which is why I say Lincoln should have let them secede. Should McNasty become commander in chief I say we should all move to New England (expanded to include New York state, California and the Washingtons) and cut all ties.

@redmanlaw: That would be some kind of Sport event. Right? Sport on ice?

@Lyndon LaDouche: Dear FSM, I wish. I no longer harbor any illusions about the average person’s capacity for blind, hate-filled violence. I’m just glad we’ve civilized ourselves enough that we get most of it out vocally. And by “we,” of course I mean US Americans.

@ManchuCandidate: Hee-fucking-larious. I felt compelled to read the whole article. My favorite quote:

“The hardest thing in my mind is to have your compensation cut,” a veteran Wall Street executive says. “It’s almost like you’re a bad person.”

Yes, almost like you’re a bad person, you entitled fucktard.

I wonder how they’ll deal with the angry mobs armed with torches and pitchforks.

Actually, I once dated a trader some seven years ago. Once an engineer and she decided to join the dark side. Dumped me after a few dates because I was cheap (I paid, but I didn’t go to the “best” places rather places where the food was good), not because I was an asshole. I found out later through mutual friends that she wanted a man of means (not no means like myself.) Looking back, I realize now that the universe did me a favor.

@ManchuCandidate: I have no use for those people. Also, I have no use for people who won’t admit that they shop at least sometimes from the center of the grocery store. In fact, besides fresh fruits and dairy, that’s all I shop at.

@ManchuCandidate: She sounds like the chick in the article who was bitching that now that her fiance was laid off he was “only” worth a few 100K and was no longer a multi-millionaire.

@rptrcub: What’s in the centre of a supermarket? Am I missing something?

I know people who only shop for food at Harrods. I don’t speak to them but I know them. Now I think back on it I used to shop there myself sometimes. It was the only place in London that you could buy parts of a chicken as you can here. It doesn’t count that I patronized said emporium however as I’ve never had any money.

@Lyndon LaDouche:
It’s usually canned goods and boxes of cereal. At least it is in Canada City. All the fancy stuff is along the perimeter.

That’s exactly who I thought of.

For the longest time I used to think I was unlucky/unskilled at relationships (longest relationship is 4 months). Now, I don’t think I’m unlucky.

@rptrcub, @Lyndon LaDouche, @ManchuCandidate: I am a spoiled Californian and I get all my food from groceries or markets where often they stock some good Purina Elitist Chow in the center part of the store.

@Pedonator: Don’t get me wrong; the markets here do have elitist chow down here in the center of the stores with all kinds of gourmet/organic/GMO-free/imported stuff; I just tend to go to the bottom of the shelves where the store brands and sub-store brands are placed.

Oh, and more stupid Obama/death crap from down here in Southeastdumbfuckistan. One county over from me.

@Pedonator: I too couldn’t resist delving into the whole thing. This was my favorite bit:
The Trader paid for great seats. They sat fieldside, six rows from the Yankees dugout. When the Yankees took the field, the Trader’s son erupted in cheers. “Jeter! Jeter! Jeter!”…“Daddy, why doesn’t he answer?” the son asked. And suddenly, the Trader boiled with anger. He had done his part, put in the sixteen-hour days to buy his kid the best seats in the stadium…and Derek Jeter was still going to take home his $21 million, and he couldn’t even bother to show some gratitude. “Those guys have the easiest job,” the Trader thought, “when it’s clear they don’t care. Fuck, in my next life I want to be a baseball player.”

The delicious irony of an overpaid, entitled, slighty-less-rich trader resenting an overpaid, entitled, still-well-paid athlete for easy money. You can’t make that stuff up.

@redmanlaw: I don’t know if I mentioned it around these parts, but I totally called this one. I expected it either up in Johnstown or over at a Penguins’ game, however, but this makes perfect sense. Fortunately, however, Flyers fans are bullheaded enough to cheer her on the ice then tell her to fuck off on election day. I think.

@rptrcub: If she’d just put the pumpkins out, it all would have been in context.

@redmanlaw: How the fuck did I miss this? That’s what I get for going to work. Gawdammit! Even the Maaavricks I work with hate her. I hope their ilk shows up to the game.

@SanFranLefty: We’re too dark to do hockey, but WTF. I’ll throw one for the team.

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