Emotional Hemorrhoid Psychogeezer Spews All Over Puerto Rican Crap Table

Dont Even Tough Him! Or Hell Bite Your Face!

Don't Even Touch Him! Or He'll Bite Your Face!

Whining Psychopathic wife-abandoner and raging superannuated 2-year old John ‘Psychogeezer’ McCain was legend for attacking colleagues. women, people in wheelchairs, really anybody who got in his way.

No one really knew, however, how tightly sprung his triggers were.

Do you have to approach him or would a look or an injudicious fart across the room from him set off on a face-biting paroxysm?

No one really knew that is until Michael Kinsley penned his latest Web log entry about Pscyhogeezer going into a murderous, raging meltdown at a casino in Puerto Rico when a fellow craps player touched his arm. Yes, the candidate who is no doubt fantasizing about fucking an End-Timer on the Oval Office desk while America fights an atomic war went start raving bonkers over what was really a helpful touch of his arm.

An old childhood chum of Kinsley witnessed the scene after a conference in which Psychogeezer keynoted in 2005. A lady player standing to Psychogeezer’s side notice his hand over the edge of the players’ rail and gently lifted it back up out of the play space – a venerable rule of the game. Rather than thank her for rescuing him from embarassment at his distraction, Psychogeezer flew into a murderous, childish rage, Kinsley’s correspondent reported:

“McCain immediately turned to the woman and said between clenched teeth: ‘DON’T TOUCH ME.’ The woman started to explain…McCain interrupted her: ‘DON’T TOUCH ME,’ he repeated viciously. The woman again tried to explain. ‘DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU’RE TALKING TO?’

If she didn’t, she did after that explosion: the Psychogeezer.


And as SFL noted one thread back, the Psychogeezer doesn’t always know who he’s talking to.

I’m not so much appalled at the temper, but at the lack of knowledge of craps. Seriously: if you are a regular craps player (as Geezer apparently is), you know the rule: watch your hands.

(For the unintiated: if the thrown dice hit your hands, they will invariably lead to a bad result — craps or seven-out, usually within a couple of throws if not right away. Yes, it’s stupid — the dice would land on a losing roll eventually anyway. But this is the unwritten rule. The Geezer’s transgression of this? I cannot account for it.)

Also, yelling at a lady at a craps table? Also poor form. To explain why would cause me to say some sexist things and thus I will stop.

…and apparently, after that anal aneurism he continued to shoot bloody craps for the rest of the night…

@chicago bureau: Raising your voice at anyone is bad form – but someone who was just trying to help out and who probably deserve a ‘thank you’. Wow. I never really read about this stuff and what little I did was all cast in the context of legislative or political heat of the moment. This is really bizarre, just unthinkable for anyone beyond the age of 2. The guy must have really had Dadda and Grampa playing interference for him his entire life for this kind of monstrous disordered personality to have taken shape – and been able to rise to relative influence.

@FlyingChainSaw: Plus Daddy Beerkeg all but buying his way into Congress.

John Sidney McCain III: Lifelong Trustafarian.

@nojo: Oh, yeah. It’s so true. Very much like Bush’s story – except he had to wait for his silver spoon.

@blogenfreude: I’ve seen photo displays of this ad and it is deeply disturbing.

@FlyingChainSaw: Indeed … first time I saw it I couldn’t believe they did it. Those $3 Heinies on Southwest will never taste the same …

Barry should whisper two words into Geezer’s ear before the next election: “Tumbling dice

It rather looks as if Hopey’s Hopers are trying to provoke McC into a temper tantrum at the next debate. Only one left? Oh noes!!!

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