Global Psychogeezer Hate Index Soars

The Whole World Hates This Crazy Old Fucking Hyperindulged Fuckwit

The Whole World Hates This Crazy Old Fucking Hyperindulged Fuckwit

Just how reviled is the hateful insane, apocalypse baiting John ‘Psychogeezer’ McCain?  Almost no one on earth except for the GOP base, crystal meth-crazed snakehandlers and goat fuckers, would vote for the confused wife-abandoner and organized crime suck-up.

That’s the inescapable conclusion of the Economist’s Global Electorial College project that posits the question, ‘What if the Whole World Could Vote?” The vote thus far shows they’d blow lunch at the prospect of Psychogeezer running for anything more important than public-restroom bathroom attendant. As of this morning, Psychogeezer was trailing with 18 global electorial college votes to Barack Obama’s 8482.

Oh, fuck, we’re kidding, right? Someone outside of a trailer park in US voted for Psychogeezer? Are there really countries with huge diaspora settlements of toothless snakehanlding inbreds who read the Economist or something?

Apparently so, with Moldava and Georgia going solidly for the Psychogeezer. We’ve no explaination for Moldava but it looks like Psychogeezer locked up the Georgian vote with his ‘We are all Georgians now” comment after the Russians stomped their asses. In the US, the polity that matters in this race to save the world from 8 years of CheneyCo/Neocon psychosis, the vote spread is 80% Obama and 20% Psychogeezer.


The last poll on the US America election I saw about five months ago for Canada City was pretty much the same 4:1 split.

As much as the world hates him, and perhaps a good portion of US-America, such polls only reinforce the America-First kneejerk reaction of a lot of voters. The U.S. Department of You’re Not Helping has decreed that such polls do not help if the world wants to haz Hope (TM) again.

Drudge leads with “Boring” under a debate photo, along with these upbeat news links:

Asian Stocks Tumble…
Europe Plunge…

Would someone just tell Bush to stay the hell out of the way for the next few months?

The PUMAs’ (yes, they’re still around) reactions, just a sampling from Joe.My.God.:


-“I don’t want my children in Obama’s world, my father and grandfather and all those that came before did not fight, work, sweat, starve and bleed to sell their future generations into bondage.”

-“Nina Easton is saying Obama has developed Clintonian style of connecting policies to people. THIS MAKES ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING THAT MAN DOES OF VALUE, HE STOLE FROM HILLARY.”

Hee hee.

Can I have fear of a Black Man for $1000, Alex?

@ManchuCandidate: Hey, that makes me think of the perfect slogan for our election-night coverage on Stinque:

Decision ’08: Fear of a Black Planet.

@rptrcub: This is great. They’re foaming at the mouth. Maybe they’ll start lighting themselves on fire and leaping from bridges. (At night, it would be an interesting display, actually. Maybe Christo can organize something.)

I’m sure Sarah was dismayed when she opened her copy of the Economist.

@rptrcub: I like it. And for the inauguration (we Hope™): “The President is near!”

@FlyingChainSaw: FCS, fellow stinkers, you must see this, these are posts made by a college graduate from the northeast, believe it or not, on a message board I participate in which has as its focus the building of wooden boats, first I will just throw the posts out there, then explain:


“No they are not!

If Obama is the reason they want to be the best they can be…….

Thank God the Northern Command place that brigade on the ground in the US. I’m just afraid that it will not be enough if Barack isn’t allowed to win.

Then again, how many fraudulent registrations has ACORN filed in the past 3 months???? a little over 50,000.”


“It’s building Rich, like it or not. Joe CSOH was just pissing about how racist MA. is,!!!!! Right now, Massachusetts is experiencing a dangerous rise in anti-white rhetoric, most notably by black public officials.

Barack Obama and his fanatic supporters are destroying decades of race relation progress.”

Okay, the thread was started by this poster, he posted a linked to the youtube video of the Obama Youth, and simply said he was sad and frightened.

Apparently, he believes Helter Skelter is about to come down! He thinks the Obama Youth is an example of black guerrillas, training to take over the country by force, if Obama is not “allowed to win.” He thinks the Army division put on active duty here at home is going to be needed to put down the black insurrection.

And apparently, he feels that the blacks already in government, in Massachusets, anyway, are flexing their talons and preparing to take over and go after the white people!

Yup, this is apparently what the wingers now believe, that teh blacks have massed in support of Obama, have formed into a revolutionary army, and that he plans to lead them in an uprising, a race war, if he is not elected. Apparently he won’t need the war if he is elected, he will just have us whiteys rounded up and put in those secret detention camps.


Was it Carville on post-debate CNN last night who said “I don’t want to think about what will happen if Obama is up in the polls by 5 points the day of the election and then loses”. It was Carville. And it made me think.

It made me think that we need to be exposed as a nation that still harbors racist tendencies. We are indeed “imperfect” and maybe we need to have that nasty imperfection exposed to the light of day in order to smack it down one final time. Mommy 1.o wrote better about this yesterday, but there it is. Carville made me think.

@Prommie: Of course, this is why the Taligeezer campaign is going Nazi. They think that flogging the tribalist instincts can provoke a wave of hatred, terror and organized violence that will sweep them into office. I’m working on a post on this theme now, and if the phone will shut up. . . I can move it this afternoon.

@FlyingChainSaw: I just posted foodporn, ya’ll don’t mind my shameless self-promotion, do you?

@Prommie: No, as long as you pack up whatever you are writing about and send samples to Nojo and the rest of the Stinque hacks, we’re fine with it. We’ll buy our own wine. Fedex ground is OK as they do all their deliveries around here in the early PM.


Mmmmm. Now that is some pure, distilled, 200-proof crazee. That is crazee worthy of Charles Manson, crazee that almost reaches the level of the great Michelle Malkin herself. That is the creme de la kook, right there….

@Prommie: Obamabucks: lattes with extra mocha goodness and a chocolate and vanilla swirl.

McCaincafe: Sanka.

@FlyingChainSaw: See that new ad? “Hey racists – vote for the white half and save your asses from Psychogeezer!” Coming soon to a bus bench near you (only if you are in a swing state, however.)

@redmanlaw: I missed it! It playing on network TV or the cable channels?

@FlyingChainSaw: Exclusively at

Hannity looks like a young Fred Flintstone

@redmanlaw: Hannity isn’t smart enough to play Fred.

@FlyingChainSaw, ToppCatt: You overlook that the Flintstones proves that Man and Dino co-existed.

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