Per Politico, Geezerplex is going to shelve Ayers/NAH NAH NAH attacks, in favor of focusing on the economy — which of course is the Geezer’s strong point.

Of course, this won’t stop 527s from doing having at the Chicago crew. And it’s possible that Talibunny may not get the message. But still — things are getting worse for the old man, if that were even possible.

Note well, however, that there’s probably an ad or twenty already in the can on all of this. And also one about Obama’s drug use. And the whole flag-pin genre. And God knows what else. The endgame here may very well be an ad blitz in the last 72 hours in redneck sectors of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina bringing all of this shit up in a last-ditch effort to take any of those states. It may kill him nationally, but the game is in Appalachia right now for McCain — it’s his only shot.

Keep chanting this to yourselves as a mantra — THIS IS NOT OVER YET.



Exactly. It ain’t over until Cheney shouts his last Sieg Heils from the gallows on the Capitol mall.

BF>Keep chanting this to yourselves as a mantra — THIS IS NOT OVER YET.

Its not like his campaign is erratic and lurches wildly about, changing course constantly, like a ship with a crazed, panicking, paranoid psychopath at the helm. Nope, not like that at all.

@FlyingChainSaw: Scarily prescient, FCS. Things have been mighty quiet on the Naval Observatory front. Has he even been seen in public in the last few months? Have any more dead deer shown up on the lawn? Between his absence and W’s smirk returning recently, Ima skeerd for the October Surprise any day now.

Look at this Fucking Shit:

He’s not giving up on Ayers, apparently, at least not yet.


But you have to admit, with that supple, golden skin tone and his Danny-DeVito-As-The-Penguin delivery, one thing is clear: McCain is pure charisma. RROWWR!

@Prommie: I think John Murtagh — who was 9 when his house was firebombed by the Weather Underground — can say whatever he damn well pleases.

Let’s not whitewash the Weathermen — they were active terrorists. And not “terrorists” with ironic quotes. Terrorists. Proudly so. We remember the Seventies as a numb bell-bottom era, but we forget there was also some nasty shit going on.

But that’s a separate issue for another day. The question today is whether Palin will calm down on the stump. I haven’t seen any reports yet, but I’m not buying Nice Psychogeezer until his entire campaign stands down.

@nojo: No, she’s not. She’s the attack dog to keep Joe-Six and the base in line.

@rptrcub: In which case McCain is a chickenshit, just like last night. He gets no points for changing the subject if his lieutenant keeps hammering away.

@nojo: A chickenshit who puts Country First™ and talking to the audience last.

@nojo: In which case McCain is a chickenshit, just like last night. He gets no points for changing the subject if his lieutenant keeps hammering away.

If not his lieutenant, how about his privates corporals? Lehigh Co. GOP head dropped “Hussein” twice at a rally today. I mean — it’s all dog-whistle stuff the junkies are following. Some county-level hack — one step up from sainted canvassers (of which I am one) — popped off. It won’t make the evening news or your family newspaper in the morning. But still.

(Note: I do not want to talk about the Geezer’s privates. Hence the strike-text.)

OH NEVER THE FUCK MIND. Geezerplex plays Ayers card this afternoon, per TPM:

Last night, a senior McCain adviser claimed that the campaign doesn’t care specifically about who Ayers is per se, arguing that McCain’s team is only concerned with Obama’s alleged dishonesty about his relationship with the former Weatherman.

Yet this morning, only 12 hours later, the McCain campaign blasted out a statement from one John Murtagh, who says he was nine years old when the Weathermen firebombed his house. In other words, half a day after saying Ayers himself isn’t the issue, the McCain team directly attacked Ayers, with a detailed recital of his crimes — an obvious effort to insinuate that Obama is in league with terrorists.


Here’s another data point on just how muddled and confused the McCain team is over Ayers. As I noted below, Politico quoted McCain aides [a quote which was repeated by that idiot, Chicago Bureau] this morning saying that going forward, McCain “wouldn’t focus on the former domestic terrorist.” Later in the morning the McCain campaign sent out the statement from Murtagh. So maybe the candidate is taking Ayers off the table but the candidate’s own campaign isn’t?


Is it going to be bob and weave here on out? “We don’t want to attack — the American people care much more about [the economy / health care / issue du jour].” “Obama. You can’t trust him. I mean look at [insert villain here].” “Obama is a decent guy, but he’s just misguided and distorting our record.” “Hey — let’s put our fire-breathing supporters next to a live mike so that they can call him a traitor on national teevee while we look all innocent and shit.”

Of course, the American people won’t call the campaign out for being two-faced bastards. But maybe there’s a residual thing that (erm) trickles down from the static. Let us hope (TM).

Sorry for wasting everyone’s time.

@chicago bureau: I’m actually not worried about the Lesser Cretins. It’s when a national politician incites the mob to vigilante violence that has me concerned. Sarah Palin is a fascist on the verge of advocating political assassination.

@chicago bureau: Nuff said. The way the Politico story was worded, I expected as much.

@nojo: @Prommie: I read somewhere that Plugz is calling the campaign out on this. Too lazy busy trying to appear to work to find the link.

Will this Friday release on Troopergate knock them slightly off the slime mark for at least the weekend? Alaska supremes are still considering what to do with a request to shut the whole thing down.

Well, here’s the headline I was looking for: Palin Drops Reference To William Ayers From Stump Speech

We now return you to your lower-level smears.

(Instant update: Well, it was a joint appearance with Psychogeezer. Question remains open until she gives a speech on her own.)

@nabisco: He’s not exactly out for blood, but it’s a start:

In his first solo campaign appearance since Sept. 26, the Democratic vice presidential candidate came out swinging against the Republican ticket, criticizing its “outrageous inferences” about Barack Obama. And he said the questions from average Americans at last night’s debate showed that Americans are “looking for a steady hand, leadership, an optimist. Not an angry man lurching from one position to another.”

The “lurching” bit, in particular, is nice.

“Not an angry OLD man lurching, etc…” I called Hope Central on this. They were pretty pleased and will no doubt sharpen the message. I also called the McCain HQ, since I had so much influence with Hopey, and read them the riot act over the smears. They were pretty sad pandas and I doubt we’re going to see any more of that stuff. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find a box of frozen moose steaks on the porch tomorrow. The dogs will enjoy them.

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