Dog Days

This is the front and back cover of the scientific journal, Nature. I believe it’s brilliant commentary on the nature of this election, the tactics the candidates have descended to, and race in America. Or, it’s an accidental picture of puppies.


I just think that the puppies help people calm down after reading stupidity from McGeezer.

Damn those dogs are cute! The dark one looks much healthier, the lighter one possibly a rescue from a cage somewhere?

@nabisco: The lighter one is a bit wrinkly and seems kind of grumpy.

Yes, but can you blame a candidate when you fart?

why science matters

It’s frightening that Nature feels it necessary to make that argument. Putting troglodytes in charge has brought us to this.

A billion years later – we get Nature in our household. I never saw this. How did you ever find it? Totes to you dude!

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