This Time It’s Personal

“This is a desperate attempt to gain political advantage using scare tactics and deceit,” said Tucker Bounds, a McCain spokesman.

How does he do that? How does Tucker Carlson’s bastard child say that in the face of eight years of Rovian politics? Who taught him how to lie like that? What pampered Eastern elite college did he attend on Daddy’s money?

Turns out he didn’t. He went to a Western state university. A very Western state university. A state university so Western, you can hop in your Pinto and be walking the Florence beach within an hour.

Tucker Bounds, Boy Liar, Campbell Brown’s Punching Bag, went to the University of Oregon.

My university. My home town. My fucking turf.

It’s not like there aren’t assholes among the Duck Diaspora. One of them owns a sneaker company, although we treat him nice because the money he saves from Asian sweatshops buys some nice buildings on campus. And the dead half of Simpson-Bruckheimer was responsible for putting Tom Cruise in a fighter jet. And we were really proud of Yosuke Matsuoka until he, um, signed up Japan with Germany and Italy a few generations back.

But we prefer to talk about Prefontaine. And James Ivory. And Randy Shilts. And Wayne Morse, one of the two senators to vote against the Gulf of Tonkin resolution. (The other? Ernest Gruening of Alaska. Small world!)

It’s okay, we’ll be fine. At least it rains a lot in Eugene — the stench has probably long since washed away into the Willamette.

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