Sarah Palin Hates Polar Bears

So much to choose from… Troopergate… Creationism… That voice that takes the F out of GILF…

Hey, let’s start with her vicious attacks on polar bears!

Earlier this month, the state of Alaska under Palin’s guidance sued Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne in an attempt to reverse his decision to list polar bears as a threatened species. Palin said that scientists’ predictions that global warming will eliminate the ice where the bears live in summer were unreliable.

We all know that six years in the Wasilla mayoral mansion gave Palin a unique authority on climatology, but she instead chose to base her opposition on “a comprehensive review by state wildlife officials of scientific information from a broad range of climate, ice and polar bear experts.”

Just one problem: She lied.

Unless, of course, those “state wildlife officials” somehow didn’t include three marine-mammals specialists in the Alaska Department of Fish and Game who agreed with nine studies the Feds cited in support of the endangered-species listing.

So as far as our naughty librarian is concerned, the polar bears are toast. Say, when’s the next helicopter bear hunt?

Palin questioned whether global warming is melting Arctic ice [McClatchy]
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