Say It Ain’t So, Joe

2002: “Saddam Hussein is the most significant threat to our national security, and we must take strong action to pry the poisons, toxins, and the plans for nuclear weapons out of his hands.”

2003: “This is a day to face facts. Saddam has weapons of mass destruction. That is a fact.”

2004: “A democracy such as ours can only go to war and win with the informed support of the people.”

2005: “It is time for us to set aside for now the arguments about why we got into Iraq so that we can work together on how we can get out best in victory and honor with the job done.”

2006: “I hope that the Prime Minister [Malaki] takes away from his visit here that the US will continue to back him in his fight to build a stable, secure, democratic and independent Iraq, but that success in that quest will not depend on us.”

2007: “Precisely because [the] United States did invade Iraq, we are more, not less, responsible for stopping the atrocities unfolding there now.”

2008: “The fact is that if Barack Obama’s policy on Iraq had been implemented, Barack Obama couldn’t go to Iraq today. It wouldn’t be safe.”

The Surge: Who Was Right? Lieberman and Bayh Square Off [Fox]
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