Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?

We were considering calculating the wealth of this week’s guest list, but a bar graph comparing #5 with the others combined would end up looking like #3’s gag.

Meet the Press with Tim Russert: They updated the logo, but the title bar remains ghoulish. Or is that Carly Fiorina?

Face the Nation: If you hear everyone screaming out their windows, Schieffer finally cracked.

This Week: The Governator and George reenact the Twins poster.

Late Edition: McCain economic advisor Nancy Pfotenhauer challenges you to create limericks with her name.

Fox News Sunday: It’s not a swift boat unless it’s a T. Boone Pickens swift boat.

Guests and topics subject to change. Especially if Armageddon begins before airtime.

MTP, FTN, This Week, Late Edition, Some Things Are Priceless But You Can Be Bought
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