Ghost In to the Net

Bobby Jindal seems to be taking the week off, sparing us the trouble of multiple hyperlinked adjectives. We now understand the wisdom of choosing something simple like “short-fingered vulgarian” and sticking with it.

Meet the Press: Screw politics, enjoy some smokin’ hot tennis players instead.

Face the Nation: So, how’s that thing with Katie Couric working out? Oh.

This Week: Joe Lieberman (I-Droopy) takes his La Bomba Tour to George’s place.

Late Edition: The Inside CNN Tour includes a special stop at the Turner Store, where DVDs of Barbarella are likely not available.

Fox News Sunday: The winner of this week’s All-Star Douchebag edition will be decided by who leaves the most cum stains after the Jesse Helms tribute.

Guests and topics subject to change. Who wants to work a holiday weekend, anyway?

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