To the Batpoles!

It’s been a rough week for geeks, and while trolling the intertubes for some whacking material light entertainment, we stumbled across this heartwarming story about a man, a vision, a few billion dollars, and an underground sex cave:

What is a man to do with $2.3 billion?

If you are Henry T. Nicholas III, one of the original dot-com billionaires – whose fortune survived the crash of 2000 – the answer is simple: build a “sex cave” under your house, maintain a fully stocked warehouse of drugs, get high on your two private jets, keep a brothel’s worth of prostitutes on the payroll and, during the boring moments, spike your colleagues’ drinks with Ecstasy.

Or you could wear a sissy outfit and fight crime. But somehow that doesn’t seem as appealing as it used to be.

Billionaire Henry T. Nicholas III built ‘sex cave under mansion’ [Times UK]
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