Denver! Denver! Denver!

Game over — except for the Sunday talk shows, the Credentials Committee, the Convention floor, the splinter party…

Here’s the box score:

1. Seat all Florida delegates: 12 for, 15 against. FAIL.

2. Half-votes for Florida delegates, with five minutes of footnotes: 27 for, 1 abstain(?). PASS.

3. Half-votes for Michigan delegates, with another five minutes of footnotes: 19 for, 8 against. PASS.

Comment of the Day to Chicago Bureau: “I’m not saying we wouldn’t get our hair mussed! What I am saying is 10 to 20 million pissed off liberals, tops! Depending on the breaks.”

Florida, Michigan get all delegates but each gets half vote [CNN]

Update: “The Committee awarded to Senator Obama not only the delegates won by Uncommitted, but four of the delegates won by Senator Clinton. This decision violates the bedrock principles of our democracy and our Party. We reserve the right to challenge this decision before the Credentials Committee and appeal for a fair allocation of Michigan’s delegates that actually reflect the votes as they were cast.”

Oh, it’s on. Especially in the comments.

Decision on Florida and Michigan [blogHillary]
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