i-helped-break-teh-economy-sorryJacob Frenkel – AIG vice chairman, former Israeli central banker, and wanker:

Jan. 30 (Bloomberg) — At the World Economic Forum two years ago, Nouriel Roubini warned that record profits and bonuses were obscuring a “hard landing” to come. “I really disagree,” countered Jacob Frenkel, the American International Group Inc. vice chairman and former Israeli central banker.

No more. “Roubini was intellectually courageous, and he called the shots correctly,” says Frenkel, whose AIG survives only on the basis of more than $100 billion of government loans. “He gained credibility, and he deserves it.”

This is what happens when you fuck with Roubini.

Roubini See Global Gloom After Davos Vindication [Bloomberg]

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