Sorry for the lack of a Sunday Night post.  (I’m sure y’all were just crestfallen.)  But, as I was working for Hope all weekend and watching the Red Sox finally implode, I was exhausted.

But here’s something for everyone to ponder: Where the hell is Al Gore? Seriously, now.  The DRILL BABY DRILL caucus has been bleating for three or four months now, and I haven’t seen him since the convention.  Did Bill Clinton get to him?  All signs point to yes.

[P.S.: we have to get an OBL-video pool going.  This will happen, of course, and it will be spun against Black Eagle.  Barry or Joe or some high-level surrogate could point out that Bush has failed to catch this guy, after seven years, and that this TRUE FACT could actually, you know, stick.  But, as I have said, my Hope reserves are running a bit low.]