Quick: take a wild guess at who wrote this in a Minnesoda paper:

As a result of [Sen. Norm] Coleman’s leadership, PSI [Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations] has exposed more than $80 billion in fraud, waste and abuse in government operations. He identified multiple vulnerabilities in the Medicare system, which recently led to sweeping changes in Medicare to prevent scam artists from ripping off taxpayer dollars.

With the [GAO], he pinpointed weaknesses in our nation’s radiological licensing practices and brought about changes to help prevent terrorists from obtaining radioactive materials here in the United States. He also revealed the predatory practices of credit counseling agencies that take advantage of folks trying to dig their way out of debt. This effort ultimately strengthened efforts by the IRS to combat these abuses.

Yet, despite the long record of PSI successes, some partisan critics assert that he should have focused the subcommittee’s attention exclusively on Iraq. They are wrong.

If you answered Sen. Joseph Lieberman (??-Conn.), c’mon down! [BTW: “Partisan critic” = the damned Democratic nominee — Him… Al Franken.]

Seriously: Joe has had his coffee, and two slices of cake. Could somebody in the Democratic Party wish him a good night and safe trip home? Please?