One Push Up Bra from the Presidency

“A Judge has ruled that the legendary sex tape starring John Edwards and his mistress Rielle Hunter must be destroyed because, if unleashed, it could block out the sun and bring a thousand-year night to the Earth.” [Gawker]

Vanity Fair’s piece on Sarah Palin is worth the read, and quite scary.  The article contains much you probably already knew (Palin:  greedy, secretive, not that smart, kind of a bitch), but with some nice new details that probably fit your expectations, unless you’re someone who has deluded yourself into thinking she’s a strong, generous, articulate leader.  For example, she’s a bad tipper:

Of the many famous people who have stayed at the Hyatt in Wichita (Cher, Reba McEntire, Neil Young), Sarah Palin ranks as the all-time worst tipper: $5 for seven bags. But the bellhops had it good in Kansas, compared with the bellman at another midwestern hotel who waited up until past midnight for Palin and her entourage to check in—and then got no tip at all for 10 bags. He was stiffed again at checkout time. The same went for the maids who cleaned Palin’s rooms in both places—no tip whatsoever.

There’s also information about the lady’s domestic altercations with Todd: Read more »