Summer is here, and we’re now some four months out from our last, best hope of salvaging what remains of our country.

Okay, more like six months. If Dems take back the House or Senate in November, you know Republicans are going to do what they can to trash the joint before January.

A House flip — good luck with the Senate — won’t set things straight. Trump will still wield enormous power, the courts are lost for a generation, and four in ten Americans will still be vile, racist, mendacious scum. But anything, anything, that throws sand in the gears will be welcome. We all need to hold on for the next fight.

Maybe MJ Hegar can help. She hails from Texas, and she’s running for the House against an entrenched teabagger. We have no clue whether she stands a chance, but a DC/Boston agency whipped this up for her, and holy shit, it’s inspiring. We can use some of that right now.