Christmas Sedition

I am no fan of BigLaw, but this Akin Gump holiday e-card is pretty clever.

Once again, our tribute to our favorite Christmas song growing up — you may know it from Dr. Demento, but it was also the most-requested song on Eugene’s AM radio station.

In the year that it’s been posted at our YouTube account, we’ve had a few compliments from similar fans. And a couple weeks back, this comment showed up:

My father was in the Skip-Jacks and this has always been a favorite.

Having a dad in the Skip-Jacks is just short of having a dad who worked for Stan Freberg. We’re insanely jealous.

If you know “The Chickens are in the Chimes” at all, you probably know it from Dr. Demento. We, on the other hand, know it from the local AM station growing up, where it was easily the most-requested song during the holiday season. It’s the best Stan Freberg song that wasn’t done by Stan Freberg — credit belongs to Sascha Burland and the Skipjack Choir.