White People Will Be the Death of Us

Last we visited the subject, eighteen months ago, we made a startling discovery:

White people are stupid fucking idiots.

Okay, not that startling. It’s not a plot twist if you knew it all along.

But there it was, in every poll, not just recently, but going back generations: You want to find the trouble with America, how we keep ending up on the wrong side of history, it’s White Americans making the call, or at least being distressingly ambivalent about it.

And now they want us dead.

Let’s look at a new poll. “Quality” poll, live phoner, two thousand respondents, all registered voters. Every poll is a snapshot, as they say, but when the snapshot shows the same picture you’ve been seeing for decades, you can run with it.

Oh, and the poll was taken the first week of April.

Should future aliens be able to decode the remnants of our ruined civilization, by the first week of April 2020 a global pandemic had reached America, sending the nation into a tailspin because its leaders had denied the encroaching threat, previously disabled all defenses against it, and did little, nothing, or worse, to address it. The nation’s citizens were dying horrible deaths by the thousands because of this.

This was all known. We hadn’t yet known what was to come, but it wasn’t May yet, and the wormhole was still hiding behind Jupiter.

What you would expect, in a moment like this, is that a nation’s citizens would regard its leaders as angry villagers regard a reanimated corpse. You would expect shortages of pitchforks as well as toilet paper.

And the poll shows this: Americans think unfavorably of Donald Trump, 73-10 percent.

Hold on, that’s Black Americans. So sorry. The real number is 60-32 percent.

What? Geez, misplaced our reading glasses. That one’s Hispanics. The actual total number — the one you’ll hear — is 52-41.

And if you wonder how in hell that murderous sociopathic narcissist keeps managing to hit 40 percent: The split among White Americans is 48-47 — in favor.

Even now. Even in April. Even after March.

Even split.

White people don’t like hearing this, by the way. The demographic group that has long since mastered reducing other demographic groups to reductionist descriptions is the first to go #NotAll on you when the mirror is turned.

No, they’ll tell you, it’s really White Evangelicals who want to rush the Rapture, 79-19 in favor of President Antichrist. No, they’ll insist, it’s Whites without a college degree, 60-36 who think President Plutocrat is doing a good job. No, White Women will tell your manager, it’s really White Men who love President Rapist, 57-40.

Evangelicals we’ll give you. But Whites with college degrees only disapprove Trump 54-43 percent. White women only dislike him 55-40 percent. If you’re White, the odds substantially increase that you’re a stupid fucking idiot.

Who wants us all dead.

Fine. It’s the Boomers, right? Must be the Boomers who are tipping the scales.

Yeah, funny thing about that: Americans 65+ dislike Trump’s job performance 54-43 percent. Same, more or less, with other age groups.

Except if you’re 50-64, in which case you’re cool with Trump, 51-46. Fuck you and your attitude, Gen X. You’re just as happy to see us all dead.

Why does all this matter? Same reason it always has: We’re not seeing what the problem is. We’re not seeing where the problem is. Trump didn’t anoint himself. The Electoral College and the Senate may be engines of tyranny, but Mitch McConnell didn’t vote himself in.

White people did.

White people always have.

White people are the reason America can’t have nice things.

And it’s not even enough that White people are doing their best to ruin America.

Because now White people, the White people who voted in these traitors and charlatans, the White people who continue to support them, even now, in the face of death and destruction, they want us all dead.

If that wormhole behind Jupiter doesn’t swallow us first.


Listening to Sarah Kendzior’s new book (Hiding in Plain Sight). She hits many of these things.

SARS-CoV-2 is more insidious than originally thought. Imagine something that has the T Cell destroying capability of HIV with the same vectors as the flu.


I’m Gen X but late.

I’ve observed with many of my fellow GenXers is that they think that only Boomers die from CoVid not realizing thanks to eating Hot Pockets and Reese’s Pieces and watching TV they’re just as vulnerable.

Thanks Nojo, now I can ask my Con Friend (I only have one left) “What the fuck is wrong with you (white) people?”

@ManchuCandidate: Happy to be of service. Personally, I’m looking forward to my high school Facebook friends Not Me-ing the shit out of this.

@ManchuCandidate: The Canadian government seems to be handling both the virus and the economic collapse fairly well; you’ve got a lot to be proud of.

Even Doug Ford appears to be fully thorazined and ready to fake sanity and responsible behavior.

Except our Con based media is trying to latch onto everything to lay at Justin’s feet.

I already had enough of that Monday Morning QB shit because I know the wingnuts here would shriek like screaming babies if he closed down everything during one of the busiest travel seasons of the year.

Not working IMO because soon to be kicked out of the taxpayer paid home Andy Scheer is proving he is a fucking nitwit. Prone to panic and apparently had a mental breakdown post election.

Still, despite Justin’s mistakes he’s will to take the necessary action.

Doug Ford is doing okay, but he had to be kicked into action. Doubt that his planned healthcare cuts will go over well post pandemic.

@ManchuCandidate: I’m sure Pug Ford’s far more terrified of his River Styx-level poll numbers than the virus. (Look at his puffy face and pugged-out eyes–you can’t unsee it, sorry). He’s a dead man governing.

As for the other Cons, they love to bitch more than anyone else on the planet, not that they have any intelligent, pragmatic ideas of their own. As with their nauseating, degenerate US cousins, the party of personal responsibility is pathologically incapable of taking any responsibility.

BTW: Andrew “serial killer eyes/secret American” Scheer had some kind of breakdown? That’s a scoop we won’t receive from the CBC (the Ceeb?).
It’s amazing because:
a) it means he’s capable of hue-mahn emotions, something that never would’ve happened with Harperbot 3000/DOES NOT COMPUTE, beep, click, pop, whirrrrr…;
and b) the reality that the “Every Man for Himself” conservative governing myth is the quickest way to ruin a nation may be about to immolate the Canuckistani right-wingers as well, thank the FSM, given all the speculation that the malevolent RepubliKKKan party may implode in an historic fashion after they’re annihilated at the polls in the fall.

The rumors of a breakdown due to drinking his own… koolaid. Apparently when all you read are RW polls and fantasy, it kind have blew up in his face.

You think Trump’s daily meltdowns are bad? Scheer is pretty much the living stereotype of the overly religious guy who freaks out when things go sideways.

In other news:
Got chastised for verbally slapping down stupid coworkers who aren’t following the rules. Some people you just can’t reach except by making them mad questioning their lack of intellect/awareness.

What if California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington became an autonomous, self-governing region of the US? This would be a more robust version of the arrangements within the UK and Spain and their respective autonomous territories. Some even print their own versions of the currency. No secession required due to the legal and logistical impracticalities, and we would honor our commitments to the other states/Feds, but we would set our own foreign, domestic, economic, and immigration policies. Seems like a good compromise.

I like “The Western Alliance” as far as names go. Thoughts?

YOU ARE EXHAUSTING! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y29UowBa_Z4
A reminder – The non-white world demands of the white man; “Lay down, for we cannot bear to stand in your shadow!”

@Ed: And thus a lifetime of avoiding Stefan Molyneux comes to an abrupt end.

SECURITY: “Governor, these right-wingers are revolting!”
GOVERNOR: “Tell me something I don’t know!”

They’re also pretty selfish and stupid.

But then we knew that too.

Seeing those photos of packed Florida beaches today is surreal; like postcards from The Time Before.

Florida’s coincidentally just posted their highest daily infection and death count increases so far, and they’re already talking about ending what piecemeal measures they’ve had.

I thank the FSM every day that I don’t live in a state ruled by a Florida Man like moRon DeSATANis. Morons gonna moron.

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