Insane Cunt in Chief Trump Takes a Can of Construction Marking Paint to His Face and Dresses His Hair With Lacquer

In an apparent terminal mental melt-down, big fat Kremlin call girl Donald Trump has taken to making up his face with a can of construction marker paint and combing his hair with furniture lacquer.

Trump, deeply drugged, walks in slow motion around the White House babbling threats to avenge slights against his royal prerogative to destroy the universe by a growing list of perpetrators that include the parking attendant at the Russell office building that houses the Senate staff and his fourth grade English teacher.

The White House staff have taken to carrying walkie talkies to warn each other of Trump’s movements to avoid encountering him and having to receive his orders to behead someone or to bear his child.

Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney calls these days the ‘Moe! Larry! Cheese! phase’ of the Trump Administration and spends inordinate amounts of time trying to convince staffers to carry their tassels with them at all times.



Anyone working for the cruel, malevolent, terrorist Tr666p regime is a collaborator, and the resistance to Dicktatorapist AntiChrist from with the government has completely collapsed, since anyone worth a shit was forced out years ago.

What’s been most revealing and disappointing about this living nightmare has been discovering the total lack of ethics, principles, and morality of the people who are ostensibly entrusted with guarding our (fraudulent) democracy. There should have been walkouts, strikes, and mass resignations over Tr666p’s insane, illegal, and evil orders, like kidnapping and caging children at the border among countless other obscenities.

Americans–primarily RepubliKKKans and purportedly non-partisan staff–are the ones who’ve totally defiled and discredited our failed democratic institutions and system of government, not Russians. They’re amoral, anti-ethical, and mentally weak, and they need to be beaten back and then beaten down until they can’t get up.

Regardless of who “wins” the 2020 election, we need to form alliances and regional power blocks with the other blue states to implement our own environmental, foreign, and domestic policies in order to protect us from the Cesspool on the Potomac. This is already happening to some extent. We have the people, the talent, the ability, and the economic power to crush our enemies. They only have power if we give it to them, and it’s time to kick back hard.

Also, that photo is gonna be nightmare fuel for years.

Apparently, it’s a MEME! MACHINE! right now.

Everyone is using it to take long, rancid-clam shits on Trump’s face with all kinds of twisted positing of his profile in sick scenarios.

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