BRIDE! O’ PUTIN! Eagerly Enables Post-Soviet Dystopian Horror to SKULL! FUCK! AMERICA!

It is one thing to rip out nations’ eyes to blind them – and, hey, there is nothing wrong with that is you’re that sick and twisted and have the wherewithal to entertain yourself that way – but SKULL! FUCKING! AMERICA! is treasonous, evil enterprise and should be rewarded with decades of righteous psychological and physical torture and hideous, disfiguring punishments that can shatter the psyche of even stone-cold imbeciles like BRIDE! O’ PUTIN! himself, Cosplay President Donald Trump!

Only BRIDE! O’ PUTIN!, dedicated to the advancement of a criminally insane dystopian monstrosity like Russia could propose the destruction of the Open Skies Treaty which enables 16 US overflights to Russian territory per year to monitor military adventurism of the evil shithouse horror such as its rape of Crimea.

According to the Daily Beast, Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY), chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, sent a letter to National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien on Monday, expressing his alarm over Trump’s reported plans to leave the treaty. “I am deeply concerned by reports that the Trump Administration is considering withdrawing from the Open Skies Treaty and strongly urge you against such a reckless action… American withdrawal would only benefit Russia and be harmful to our allies’ and partners’ national security interests,” Engel wrote. “… The United States should prepare for the challenge that Russia presents—not abandon mechanisms that provide the United States with an important tool in maintaining surveillance on Russia.”

What Engel meant to say that nothing is beyond the criminally insane traitorous cur and BIG! FAT! cosplay president Donald Trump  – and that ought to make you barf.



Daddy Vladdy is so balls deep in the Tr666p regime, we might as well refer to Prezirapist AntiChrist as Ofputin.

I woke up late today, so I didn’t get a chance to read the news. I had to take care of the outside ducks and the inside ducklings and my dog and cats and I received an email that my email address and passwords have been compromised and I had LastPass go and change everything again because someone bought four FB ads with my bank account about two months ago because dollars buy more than rubles and then it was time to sign on for work and then I turned on the TV.

The last thing you want to see is Richard Engel standing in front of plumes of smoke.

I tried to work but then I feel like vomiting can’t stop crying and in addition to the massacre of the Kurds our ground troops had to stand down and witness this or some were there before and then troops who died will cause a whole generation of fuckupedness and some will kill themselves.

All will have PTSD. I’m sure I’ll see the claims within a year.

When does ethnic cleansing become genocide? How much tension is in the trip wire that makes us call it what it is?

It’s genocide, and we started it.

@FlyingChainSaw: Handmaid’s Tale reference. Just a glimpse at Vice Prezinazi Mike Dense’s America.

@FlyingChainSaw: BTW, the Daily Insanity has been flying so fast and furious, that I forgot to mention a cannibal apocalypse Tr666p troll group has declared “EET THE BAYBEEZ!!!”

@JNOV: If I may, please indulge me as I geek out for a minute.

I loved Doctor Who growing up in the 80s, and one episode, The Pirate Planet written by Douglas Adams, made a big impression. Long story short (too late), the Doctor and Romana arrive on the planet Zanak and are confused and alarmed because the coordinates say they’re at their intended destination, the planet Calufrax.

As they begin investigating, they learn that the people there live in incredible wealth under the rule of a dictator called the Captain. However, some members of society experience searing pain and mental agony whenever the Captain announces a new age of prosperity. These people are labeled Mentiads, and the Captain has them killed on the regular.

The Doctor and Romana eventually discover that Zanak is hollow and that it derives its great wealth from materializing around other planets and devouring them. The anguish felt by the Mentiads is caused by the explosive psychic energy released by the dying planets as Zanak consumes them, as it did with Calufrax.

It didn’t occur to me until adulthood that the entire story was an allegory for colonialization, with a small number citizens agonized over the crimes and atrocities committed in their names, while the majority of the population goes shopping and engages in mindless consumerism.

So, we’re like the Mentiads, meaning people with moral scruples, empathy, compassion, and honest values. Good people trapped in a toxic system.

A huge part of the reason politics in this country is so debilitating is just the sheer helplessness and hopelessness one feels that anything can ever change. And as individuals, there’s very little we can do to effect the outcome.

So, we have to think in terms of self-protection. Find allies, vent online, donate money to causes and candidates we care about, and take breaks as needed from the news and situations we cannot change. I personally have an ace that’s far more powerful than Tr666p and the GOP: marijuana. And my family, my work, and the good fortune of living on the West Coast, which provides some much-needed comfort.

So, when it looks like everything is going to hell, always remember that there are those of us who care, and we’re in this together.

Uh-oh, looks like someone did a thoughtcrime: Shep Smith declared an Unperson at dumFux Nooz, America’s dumbest white trash propaganda network.

Oh, and he decided this all on his own, because it’s totally normal to quit your job after 23 years without notice and get escorted out by security when choosing “to begin a new chapter” right after your boss gets chewed out by the Prezinazi’s sleazy, corpulent, defense Attorney General ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯

“We’ve never had an employee by that name,” a dumFuxbot droned when reached for comment.

@¡Andrew!: Oh! I thought he left because of, um, integrity?

Tonight I saw my first moonrise. (I am very very high, and my cat it scratching her cheek on the laptop, so aplogies for whatever.)

It’s fun to deal with animals when I’m high. I don’t get cranky when they steal my spot or mess with my computer or decide to jump out of their duck house an put the bums’ rush on my ass because they think I have peas.

After putting the ducks to bed, Joy and I we’re chilling in the front, and I looked up to the sky. It was so warm today. The ducklings inside my house went outside for the first time. The big ducks were like, WTF are those? And the ducklimgs were like, You got peas? It was a nice day.

Joy was looking for The Bad Orange Kitty, as is her wont, and I was looking at the sky wondering if the fast temperature drop meant we’d have a clear sky. I have a theory about a possible relationship between clear skies and cold temperatures in the PNW, but I forgot it.

I was bummed because I didn’t see any stars or maybe Jupiter or an airplane…hold on…someone is screaming outside my house and I need to scare them.

Okay. That was just the Centralia-Chehalis Pedestrian Screamer.

So, no stars. But it seemed like the sun was reflcting off the foothills. The sun reflects off the foothills? And I saw a bright dot and I thought, I think that’s the moon! The moon!

The moon started rising, and Joy threw a tennis ball at me, and I told her to go find That Bad Orange Kitty if she wasn’t going to watch the moon. And THEN I SAW THE FACE OF THE MAN IN THE MOON! It was just like the Honeymooner’s moon except for the telescope.

I was like, C’mon. You never saw a face in the moon before. You’re high. Which I am, but I hope I finish this before I’m not high. I wasn’t planning to write this much.

I thought, Yeah. That looks like a face. I looked away and then back at the moon, and IT LOOKED LIKE A FUCKING JACK ‘O LANTERN.

Timely, I thought.

I looked away and when I looked at the moon, it was and is still a Jack O’ Lantern and I think clear skies = cold nights in the Pacific Northwest.

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