PRECEDENT FUCKFACE von CLOWNSTICK GOES FULL-ON BONKERS: Accuses Obama of Tapping Trump Tower During Election

This should finally move a few GOP congress critters who aren’t senescent or barking mad to move to impeach. Shouting conspiracy theories from the White House in a bathrobe is where the line should be drawn between eccentric leadership and unacceptable lunacy that is threatening to the life and authority of the Republic.


Does he finally sound prezidenshal?

JK, apparently Jared and Ivanka are the only ones barely holding his brains together, or at least keeping the worst of it off Twitter during the workweek.

TRUMPLIGULA! sounds like he is in the throes of a PCP withdrawal rampage.

Ivanka and Jared need to stuff rags in his face and pour chloroform into the wad.

@¡Andrew!: I guess this will teach then to take Shabbat off.

One of the best signs at the Womxn’s March:
“Hey Comey, thanks alot, asshole!”

RepubliKKKan incompetence needs to be beaten like a drum every damn day until those sadistic a$$holes are gone.

The Republican Party that once touted itself as the “Party of Ideas” is officially at a point where it has no ideas whatsoever. Not bad ideas, which is a different issue, but no ideas. They are now designed solely for obstruction and have no ability to govern now that the dominant ethos has gone from “Let’s govern this way instead of that way” to “lol governing sux.” Should we be surprised that a group of people who claim that the free market can solve any problem in a complex society struggle to come up with concrete proposals for governing? No. But that doesn’t make it any less shocking that after seven full years of trying to repeal the ACA, House Republicans had to slap together a half-assed proposal the night before the due date because they had nothing prepared. Not “We had a plan ready but some parts are works in progress” unprepared. Literally unprepared. They had nothing. And regardless of the amount of time – seven years might as well have been seven days or seventy years – that is what they would have had: nothing. They no longer bother with the pedantic and time consuming tasks of coming up with “ideas” or “solutions.” This is a party designed to obstruct and nothing more. Hell, some of them were heartbroken Trump won, having become a machine well designed to prevent a Hillary Clinton from doing anything. Working with a president? That, they haven’t a clue how to do.

@¡Andrew!: I will never stop reminding the world that Republicans were totally on board with the Heritage Foundation healthcare plan until Obama implemented it.

@¡Andrew!: @nojo: Not just incompetence. Malice, too. I will never forgive them for the Supreme Court shenanigans. Never. Ever.

Somehow I didn’t notice this when it happened a couple months ago. Don’t like the precedent it sets.

@mellbell: As the article notes, the Mattis exception was largely bipartisan. But yes, allowing it sets the kind of precedent that can undermine the point of it in later practice.

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