trump_impecileThe entire civilized world and space aliens are completely aghast at the psychotic horror the that gained control of the White House and could incinerate the world in a heartbeat for savage amusement.

The imbecilic, self-satisfied trust fund-twit at the helm is but the ridiculous embodiment of all that makes Baby Boomers the most odious instantiation of human beings ever to curse the surface of the earth.

No, he is merely a chew toy and mouthpiece for the rank, twisted musings of the uber criminal Steve Bannon who lives and breaths to wreak chaos upon the innocent to prove to the universe that he qualifies as a human being.

Our only hope is for the entire universe to get on Twitter and send the same message to everyone else in the universe through the #DumpTrump hashtag: MY! CAT! KEEPS! BARFING!

Only this line of poetry can console us and communicate our depthless fury and outrage at this crime against humanity.

Say it loud and say it around: MY! CAT! KEEPS! BARFING!



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