Now I Am Become Death, The Destroyer of Worlds

Which Horseman are you?


8:45 am • Friday • January 20, 2017

An era of petty viciousness, arrogance and stupidity has begun. Be careful for what you wish for Trumpites because you’re going to get it (along with the rest of us.)

10:10 am • Friday • January 20, 2017

Are we coming up on our ten year anniversary?

We’ll get through this living nightmare together somehow. Now that I’m older and have a helluva a lot more life experience, I realize that history is filled with ups and downs, and four years* is not that long in the grand scheme of things.

*There’s no way in hayell that Cheeto Mussolini is gonna last four years as we careen from crisis to crisis.

10:47 am • Friday • January 20, 2017

@¡Andrew!: We’re rolling up on eight years, now bookended by Shrub and Trump.

ADD: That’s right, America just pulled off a Reverse Oreo.

12:21 pm • Friday • January 20, 2017

Anyone bothering to listen? I figure since his Words are worthless, I’ll wait for the Deeds.

2:23 pm • Friday • January 20, 2017

@nojo: There’s no point in listening.

Even the truth is a lie when it comes from him.

3:05 pm • Friday • January 20, 2017

I’m listening to the Hamilton soundtrack and weeping.

10:29 pm • Saturday • January 21, 2017

Sucking up to the CIA is a good idea if they have the pee tape, or access to it. You wouldn’t want something like that to, uh, leak out.

10:40 pm • Saturday • January 21, 2017

Speaking of Hamilton, have any of you seen Drunk History? Lin-Manuel Miranda is amazing.

10:59 pm • Saturday • January 21, 2017

@JNOV: It’s a delightful episode, highly recommended. Don’t know how many other Pulitzer winners would get shitfaced for posterity on their kitchen floor.

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