We Refuse to be Beaten Down

Screw kitty pix, we’re bringing out the big guns to deliver a hearty fuck you to 2016.

Debbie Reynolds, ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ Star and Carrie Fisher’s Mother, Dies at 84 [Variety]

Just saw this – at work today I said there was more left in 2016. And sure enough ….

Hey, at least we have 2017 to look forward to.


The WaPo reporter who dug into the dicey history of Trump’s so-called charitable activities penned an excellent recap of how he came to go down that particular rabbit hole. Among the highlights:

I tried a Google Images search, feeding it a photo of the portrait, which showed Trump’s painted face.

“Best guess for this image: Orange,” Google said.

I got a screen full of oranges. Orange juice. Orange Julius. No portraits.

@mellbell: Orange you glad you didn’t say banana (republic)?

And my huzband just lost his job. One sweet final Fuck You from 2016. Jeezus.

@¡Andrew!: I resorted to multiple versions of the Chorus Line finale today. Reminded myself that the movie still sucks.

@¡Andrew!: I am so sorry! Hugs to you all.
I have now lost two friends to cancer this month. Both, perhaps mercifully, died soon after diagnosis.
Fuck cancer. And fuck you too, 2016.

@Mistress Cynica: Thank you. So sorry about your friends. Hugs to you and Mr. C, too.

We’ll be fine. It was just stupid office politics, and his firm’s CEO totally blindsided him. Even though it’s hell trying to make it in Seattle on one income, my job is rock-solid and hubby’s skills are in high demand, so he should land something new relatively quickly.

I can live as frugally as a mouse if need be. Stiff upper lip and carry on, resilience and all that. Funny enough, I’d say that’s why I bonded so thoroughly with Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Mysteries. Kinsey is so much like me–if I were a female detective living in Santa Barbara in the 80s :-)

@¡Andrew! & @Mistress Cynica: What do we have, 16 hours to go in this fucking year? Hugs to both of you.

@Mistress Cynica:
Agreed about 2016 and cancer.

One of my friend’s dad died last week, but it was more merciful than a heartbreaker. Watching what his illness did to my friend’s family wasn’t fun.

We will endure. Fucking office politics.

Although I played office politics this year to my advantage and fucked over a supervisor who was trying to push me out of my job. He found out to his dismay this little Asian guy can be a mean motherfucker when he wants to be.

@¡Andrew!: I’ll find plastic sledish things, and we and our two- and four-legged kin can frolic somewhere snowy far from cliffs. (I’ll tell you the cliff/vertigo/trespassing story another time.)

@¡Andrew!: Sorry your hubby lost his job but I can understand office politics being shit.

@rptrcub: Thanks. It’ll all work out OK. An unexpected job loss and subsequent search for work is just a major pain in the a$$ at this point. Hope all is going great for you and Mr. Cub.

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