We Interrupt This Slaughter for a Gun-Safety Video

We can’t think of a damn thing to say about the same damn thing happening again, so let’s watch Sam Bee say something instead.


3:00 pm • Sunday • June 12, 2016

Just… tears.

3:27 pm • Sunday • June 12, 2016

One can only pray that Anonymous decides to go after GOP (duh!) Texas Lite Guv. Dan Patrick:

Dan Patrick Tweets “Reap What You Sow” After Orlando Massacre

3:27 pm • Sunday • June 12, 2016

I am, to be perfectly frank, at one extreme of the spectrum in terms of which restrictions on personal gun ownership I support, but can we just keep assault rifles that were explicitly developed for military use out of the hands of civilians, please? That should not be too much to ask. And yet, sadly, it is.

3:28 pm • Sunday • June 12, 2016
4:03 pm • Sunday • June 12, 2016

Can’t stop crying. So far, my favorite response to this horror is that of Igor Volsky of the Center for American Progress, who is doing god’s work on Twitter by retweeting the empty “thoughts and prayers” from lawmakers along with the amount of contributions they’ve received from the NRA:

7:22 pm • Sunday • June 12, 2016

If one of these deranged lunatics ever harms any of my loved ones, it’s the gun dealers, the gun manufacturers, and the politicians that shoved machine guns into their hands that are gonna need the twits and prayers.

7:32 pm • Sunday • June 12, 2016

I was wondering how many hours this would take: answer, 9 hours since waking up to the news.

Yep, I have just defriended the first of what may be several childhood acquaintances who never got out of Texas; this one was simultaneously calling for the deportation of all Muslims in ‘Merika [to where, asshat? a majority were born here] and saying that if only the gheys weren’t so flashy [and out??] they wouldn’t have been a target.

Needless to say it’s a miracle that I’m not currently en route to the Apple store to buy a new MacBook to replace the one that I almost threw against the wall….

7:40 pm • Sunday • June 12, 2016

@SanFranLefty: You might well ask what offenses the kids and churchgoers committed, but blocking cuts to the chase.

7:45 pm • Sunday • June 12, 2016

@nojo: They went to kindergarten and Bible class without packing heat, obvs.

11:25 pm • Sunday • June 12, 2016

I don’t understand any of this.

2:38 pm • Monday • June 13, 2016

@JNOV: When I try to understand it all, I keep coming back to it being an act of faith. A demented act of faith, just like the lt governor’s comments, the Georgia minister’s comments and others, but an act of faith none the less.

2:57 pm • Monday • June 13, 2016

It isn’t religion that killed all those people, the formula is: untreated mental illness + easy access to guns + US culture that glorifies hatred and violence.

8:18 pm • Tuesday • June 14, 2016

And a serious case of being not as deep in the closet as he believed self loathing.

11:12 am • Wednesday • June 15, 2016

@ManchuCandidate: I recently read interviews with US expats, and the gal who escaped to Canada after Caligubush’s 2004 reelection summed it up best: “I’m so lucky I got out of that crazy fucking country!”

9:39 pm • Wednesday • June 15, 2016

@DElurker: Yes. And what ¡Andrew! wrote.

Meanwhile in the Senate…FILIBUSTER.

I like that word.

11:57 pm • Wednesday • June 15, 2016

@JNOV: Fuck Yeah.

Meanwhile, I will miss this POTUS SO.Damn.Much:

President Obama: This is What a Feminist Looks Like


3:31 pm • Friday • June 17, 2016

Speaking of missing someone, has anyone else seen where W is out on the train for some incumbent senators with poor prospects for re-election? This cycle may be less depressing than I thought.

12:06 am • Saturday • June 18, 2016

@DElurker: If by “less depressing” you mean “more entertaining” then yes.

@nojo: Are you behind this Ory-gun based anti-short-fingered vulgarian PAC? Because I will give you cash money if the answer is yes.

8:00 am • Saturday • June 18, 2016

Between the Orlando massacre, wall-to-wall evil RepubliKKKans, and the now seeming inevitability of Marie Clintonette’s coronation, it was a week from hell. “Let them eat credit default swaps!”

I was never a huge Sanders supporter, though I voted for him in the caucus and he at least offered some genuine hope that things could get better. That hope has now been foreclosed and despair has filled the vacuum.

So in the spirit of positivity, I’ve been channelling that frustration into some serious results at the gym. I’m gonna look like freakin’ Frank Zane by November.

1:22 pm • Saturday • June 18, 2016

@SanFranLefty: Nope. Too busy supporting a Colorado measure to sell real beer in grocery stores. It’s easier to buy retail pot around here…

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