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Neither shall they learn war metaphors any more.Title: “The Battle Plan for Prayer: From Basic Training to Targeted Strategies”

Authors: Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick

Rank: 76

Blurb: “Prayer can accomplish what a willing God can accomplish. It should be your first plan of attack in all of life’s battles, not your last resort.”

Review: “Written in the format of a true battle plan, the book is divided into seven sections. Enlistment, Basic Training, Conditioning, Strategies, Targets, Ammunition and Reinforcements.”

Customers Also Bought: “Prayers for Victory in Spiritual Warfare”

Footnote: We want to read that awesome Bible where Jesus hung out with mercenaries instead of fishermen.

The Battle Plan for Prayer [Amazon]

“No battle plan survives first contact with the unbelievers.”

I want to like the Cool Pope, but every freakin’ time I try, he takes another swipe at gay people over marriage equality. Screw him.

@¡Andrew!: You’re right, but I’m too busy enjoying how he brings out the hypocrisy in wingnuts. How dare the Pope insert his religion into politics!

@¡Andrew!: Well, okay, chatting up Blessed Martyr Kim Davis is a bit much.

@nojo: Of the 330 million people in this nation, many of whom are desperately poor and could benefit from his attention, he met with her?? Ker-rist, whattan asshole.

@¡Andrew!: I’m having trouble believing that the meeting happened.

@Dodgerblue: Me, too. More than anything, Cool Pope understands marketing and optics, and meeting with that cray cray white trash doesn’t enhance his brand.

Her legal team has also proven themselves to be shameless, compulsive liars.

I guess Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, and Kim Kardashian weren’t available?? No wonder he wanted to keep that meeting a secret.

@¡Andrew!: One of those lawyers talked to NPR, and the party line is that Francis regards this as a question of religious freedom (as opposed to Dudes Fucking, but of course that’s the point).

Not mentioned is that Blessed Martyr could always resign in protest, but then she’d have to give up the family fiefdom, and suckling at the public teat is her God-given right.

In other words: Kim Davis is a Welfare Queen.

@nojo: I had a more profound religious experience while Simon Le Bon was singing Rio.

@nojo: _______________

More than just being a welfare queen, Kim Davis has Redefined Sin in the same way she accuses those she is Bigoted against of Redefining Marriage.

By Kim Davis’ Religious standards you could commit, say, murder – ask for forgiveness from the voices in your head (God!) – be Forgiven of your Sin – then you could murder whoever you wanted and as many as you wanted and it wouldn’t be a Sin, because you were previously Forgiven of murder.
An open letter to Kim Davis from God.

Dear Kim Davis,
Your God does not love you*.

Your God sees you as a hypocritical, self-serving, unrepentant adulterous bigamist.*

Your God sees you as a Blasphemous Liar.*

Your God sees you as someone who has spit in His face and thrown away His Forgiveness, by continuing to commit exactly the same Sin that you just asked His Forgiveness for, then loudly, publicly & pretentiously pretending to be “Forgiven”.*

Then you claim that your Fake “Forgiveness” allows you to make your personal Bigotry overrule both the Law (so you can offend others you don’t like) and what your own Religion clearly says (so you can avoid accepting responsibility for your own continuing Blasphemous Bigamist Adulterous Marriage*).

Your God despises you for your actions.*

* According to Kim Davis’ God in His various Holy Books, including very specifically, Kim Davis’ Bible.

@jaycubed: I was raised in a Southern Baptist church (shudder), and to them Gawd was just a sky-high Santa Claus that doled out Get Out of Hell free cards on demand.

And, The Vatican walks back slowly, now comparing the meeting to a glorified reception line.

@nojo: A report I heard this morning said that one of the former students who attended the audience with the Pope is openly gay. /Vatican PR machine freaking out as they watch all the good will dissipating.

Okay, this is getting fun: Vatican now saying only proper “audience” Francis had was with a gay student and his partner.

Why fun? Because the Kim Davis news came from, well, Kim Davis and her Liberty Lawyer. The Vatican would only confirm the bare facts of Face Time, and then said it was barely a Meet & Greet.

Liberty Lawyer talked to NPR, and was cagey about the circumstances and length of the meeting — couching it in terms that suggested he was protecting Vatican procedure. But the suggestion now — if we’re to believe the Vatican — is that Liberty Lawyer was wildly overplaying the event, seeking the publicity he actually got.

Who to believe? In this case, tie goes to the Vicar of Christ.

@Mistress Cynica: As they say on geek sites, you ninja’d me.

@Mistress Cynica: Time for a Sudden Death Posting Playoff!

Well, if anything at least this incident has caused people to realize that–to paraphrase Gawker–Cool Pope is a seemingly nice old man who still promotes the same hateful Catholic ideology. Nothing has changed regarding the Church’s stance on women nor “intrinsically disordered” gay people.

@¡Andrew!: The optimistic view would be that the tonal shift sticks, and even if doctrine doesn’t change, it’s treated like some unenforced arcane law still on the books.

But even if Francis pulls off kinder, gentler, pastoral global Catholicism, the mood is only good as long as his tenure. He replaced a Benedict, and could easily be replaced by another.

@ManchuCandidate: He so clearly doesn’t want to actually run or be president and is doing his damndest to sabotage himself.

@ManchuCandidate: That’s odd. Jeb was much more proactive when it came to Terry Schaivo.

But presuming it’s not Trump/Carly/Dr. Doom, it still has to be somebody — and conventional wisdom is that you stay in the race until your money runs out. The only thing Jeb doesn’t lack is money.

That said, I have no fucking clue who survives New Hampshire or South Carolina, both of which are still months away. And until we get any actual primary, I see no reason why The Greatest Shitshow on Earth shouldn’t continue unabated.

Meanwhile, Trump subscribes to the NRA fanrasy: If only all the Umpqua students were armed!

But Trump’s leaving money on the table: What if the Sandy Hook kids were armed?

Would be a more tragic version of the ending of a Tarantino movie or Peckinpah’s the Wild Bunch.

That’s okay. Because Jeb!’s Pro life Jeebus.

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