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Fired Island.Title: “Trump: The Art of the Deal”

Authors: Donald J. Trump and Tony Schwartz

Rank: 88

Blurb: “Even a maverick plays by rules”

Review: “Hope he wins the Presidency. Voting for him. Was wavering toward others but they have a lot of serious crimes against humanity, the business world in their past. A couple politicians committed murder. I won’t mention who. Anyone can do a search-investigation. Its covered up due to the money they pay, people they silence.”

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Footnote: The refreshing thing about Trump as Candidate — especially after generations of rightwing extremists pretending to be moderates — is that the man himself is incapable of subtext or dog whistle. Here, in the most abstract way possible, he even compares favorably to Hillary, whose every word sounds like it went through five rounds of focus groups before leaving her mouth.

The Left’s analogue — again, on this point only — is Bernie Sanders, who also speaks plainly, if in a totally different language. Both Trump and Bernie can’t help sounding like themselves, instead of professional politicians, and their appeal is that you don’t have to wait for the translation to understand what they’re saying.

This should be the ideal of American politics, instead of the mealy mouthed mush we’ve all grown sadly accustomed to. (That plus unhindered voting access, of course.) And with five months still before an actual caucus or primary, we plan on enjoying it as long as we can.

The Art of the Deal [Amazon]

A sociopathic outsourcing deep in denial failure as boss. A Xtian pal of pedos. A foreign born alien/uberasshole. A teacher hating bridge blocker. The know nothing (outside of neurosurgery) token black guy. The Goldman Sacker token Hispanic guy. A Koch Sucker. Whackadoodle Son of blimp boy. A puddle of “Santorum.” Self loathing Brown Kenneth. The allegedly sassy Gamecock. Four boring inconsequential “Who the fuck is that?” dudes. Brother of failure prez and doomed political dynasty.

Period hating, casino bankrupting, fake school promoting, Scots loathing vulgarian Trump is the least shitty of the bunch… I think, barely.

@ManchuCandidate: The hubs and I just booked a trip to Vansterdam, B.C., for November. Hopefully, we’ll be celebrating (emigrating?) a NDP/Tom Mulcair election win. It’s always fun to visit an alternate reality run by sane people, vs the loony bin bedlam that we have in the US.

@ManchuCandidate: Is Perry the fourth “dude,” then? Inconsequential, yes. Well known for washing up. Boring, not quite. Too unhinged for that.

Missed him.

The almost broke (campaign wise) A&M alumnus wearing the “I’m with stupid” T-shirt with the arrow pointing upwards.

Kanye for Prez… 2020.

Just another dilettante.

I want Trump to stay in as long as possible, and then get humiliated. I want him demolished. I want him to fling himself off the roof of one of his uglier buildings (hint: Trump Tower).

@blogenfreude: Excellent revenge porn fantasy, but he’s far more valuable as a Democratic voter recruiting tool/false flag candidate. There are a ton of people out there who probably (?) don’t like being called anchor babies and rapists as part of the RepubliKKKan’s Throwback Thursday Open Racism campaign.

@blogenfreude: @¡Andrew!: It seems Ben Carson is actually catching up with him in Iowa. A new season of fun when folks discover what goes on inside That Nice Neurosurgeon’s head!

2016 is going to be like 2012’s wheel of wingnut except dumber.

Mulcair is no Layton.

Either way, I just want the Cons gone.

@ManchuCandidate: From your keyboard to the FSM’s noodley appendages.

/and now some good nooz/

Looks like you’d have to smoke half a ton of marijuana within 15 minutes to lethally overdose. In Seattle, we call that Saturday night!

Oh – and today we looked at an apartment for sale in the financial district. Surprised I liked it – the only negative was that I’d have to walk past a Trump building to get to the 2/3 train.

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