Patrick Macnee (1922 – 2015)

And yes, I saw The Avengers first run:



You saw much of The Avengers first run, which you’ll learn if you try to watch it again. For starters, Diana Rigg was a relative latecomer.

Well, I saw first run of BSG with Starbuck as a dude.

I also saw BSG80 so I’m not really proud of that fact.

@nojo: These shows – Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, The Time Tunnel, The FBI, and on and on – tried to reconnect with these shows that I loved as a kid, and they do not hold up. Especially Voyage – 44 minutes long and less than 9 on the submarine? Wow. I was such a sucker at age 6.

@blogenfreude: But… but… but… Richard Fucking Basehart!

@nojo: notice how you never saw Richard Basehart and Efrem Zimbalist Jr. together? Think about that.

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