This Land Was Your Land

Includes three pages actually written by Bill O’Reilly!Title: “Bill O’Reilly’s Legends and Lies: The Real West”

Authors: David Fisher and Bill O’Reilly

Rank: 25

Blurb: “Frontier America was a place where instinct mattered more than education, and courage was necessary for survival. It was a place where luck made a difference and legends were made.”

Review: “If you are going to pretend you’re an expert and write a book about something, at least have enough knowledge about the subject to get the photos right.”

Customers Also Bought: Something by Mike Lee, who continues to amaze us with his ability to live with himself.

Footnote: History is written by the winners, which is why we don’t call it “Occupied America”.

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Another opportunity to make money off the stupid. Bill’s retirement is secure.

“No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”

Especially Faux Newz viewers.

@ManchuCandidate: To quote Cecily Strong at the WHCD:

“Fox News has been losing a lot of viewers lately, and may they rest in peace.”

Paging Mistress Cynica, Flippin, RptrCub, other font geeks, et al.

Best and Worst Fonts to Use on Your Resume

Maybe it’s my lawyer side showing, but I don’t know why Times New Roman is so evil, since it’s the font you have to use in all court filings. W/R/T Courier, half of the federal judiciary still uses Courier for their opinions, so there is no judging from over here.

Comic Sans continues to be a walking abortion, however.

@SanFranLefty: Times Roman isn’t evil, it’s just dull. I don’t like a sans serif font for a resume, though. Mine was in Garamond. There was another study several years ago that found people trusted info printed in Baskerville Old Face more than other fonts. Maybe that would be a good CV choice.

When I left the legal field, the 10th Circuit required 14 pt Garamond for briefs. And they switched the page limit to a word count limit because of the endless messing about with spacing/kerning/etc. I came up with a form for a motion to strike brief for failure to comply with 10th Circuit rules–usually shrinking the font size in footnotes. Used it successfully a number of times. Opposing counsel hated us.

@SanFranLefty: Georgia is something of a bastard child of Times New Roman, but it’s the only font that expresses my voice. Except on Windows, where it totally sucks.

@Mistress Cynica: 14 point Garamond?? Were all of the judges blind? The only CVs where a sans serif font would seem acceptable would be in the design/architecture world.

@nojo: I was wondering if the Stinque tweet of the day was going to be “Weekend at Bernies”

Nation Just Hoping Next President Can Prevent Country’s Decline From Being Totally Humiliating

87 percent of citizens confirmed that during the next presidential term, they merely hope to occasionally read something about their country in the news that doesn’t leave them feeling ashamed, angry, depressed, or completely mortified.

Though they admitted to reporters that no one in the current field of presidential hopefuls seems likely to spare the country much humiliation while its infrastructure crumbles and its reputation is reduced to tatters, most voters expressed optimism that such a candidate will eventually emerge.

@blogenfreude: Yeah, O’Lielly will be rolling in enough doh-reh-mi to take his nostrils snow skiing daily well into his eventual senility.

@SanFranLefty: I’ve been loving Calibri and Cambria for quite awhile. They’re simple, elegant, and really class-up the joint.

I recently began handwriting in cursive again, which is weird since I haven’t done it in over 20 years, and the funny thing is that I’ve had to refer to several of the more traditional cursive fonts since I couldn’t remember how to write several of the characters.

FWIW, today is the 70th anniversary of Hitler’s suicide.

@SanFranLefty: The D.C. Circuit also requires 14-point font and one of the judges, Tatel, is blind (though those things are obviously unrelated).

@Dodgerblue: But one of you is back from the dead.

@mellbell: Interestingly, I was told recently by a disability rights advocate that the federal courts’ electronic case filing system does not work with text-t0-speech reader programs for the deaf.

@¡Andrew!: I like them, too. Can’t write the cursive. I’m too left handed.

Just in time for another election, pancakes.

Oh and Bernie! Hello, Bernie? BERNIE!

ETA: Oh. Okay.

@nojo: I’m still alive. I make no other claims.

This is so sad, yet so true (and from the WaPo??!! We’re really through the looking glass now):

How Western Media Would Cover Baltimore If It Happened Elsewhere

International leaders expressed concern over the rising tide of racism and state violence in America, especially concerning the treatment of ethnic minorities in the country and the corruption in state security forces around the country when handling cases of police brutality. The latest crisis is taking place in Baltimore, Maryland, a once-bustling city on the country’s Eastern Seaboard, where an unarmed man named Freddie Gray died from a severed spine while in police custody.

Black Americans, a minority ethnic group, are killed by state security forces at a rate higher than the white majority population. Young, black American males are 21 times more likely to be shot by police than white American males.

The United Kingdom expressed concern over the troubling turn of events in America in the last several months. The country’s foreign ministry released a statement: “We call on the American regime to rein in the state security agents who have been brutalizing members of America’s ethnic minority groups. The equal application of the rule of law, as well as the respect for human rights of all citizens, black or white, is essential for a healthy democracy.” Britain has always maintained a keen interest in America, a former colony.

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