Geraldine McEwan (1932-2015)

Damn, Miss Marple is gone. And she was  in Branagh’s Henry V. She was the best.



Oh nooooooooooooooooooooo. So much more than that Christie shit. Not that she didn’t accomplish it brilliantly but… An actress of extraordinary grace and wit. A West End feature when plays were produced instead of events. A dazzling Millament. I remember still her poise and wit. (OK, pay attention: Way of the World by Congreve, following on from Shakespeare’s comedies, is a foundational play of the English theatre (the maid is called Foible!). It goes Benedick and Beatrice (and by me Rosalind and Berowne); Mirabelle and Millament; Amanda and Elliot. Because comedy is the great accomplishment of the theatre since Shakespeare died taking tragedy in English with him – leaving only melodrama behind) A legendary Olivia in Twelfth Night at Stratford; and some say the best version of Miss Jean Brodie in that silly play.

Don’t know how I’m supposed to break this to the hubby.

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