This sums it up. For fuck’s sake.

I can't breathe.


[NY Daily News]


Local political party has “Meet the Hilsbot” as prize.

I wonder what 2nd prize is.

Lefty, we failed to stop Oregon this season. What’s worse than an arrogant Duck?

@Dodgerblue: Mr. SFL is very happy, not arrogant. I sure as hell hope Marcus Mariotto wins the Heisman. I’m sick of all the southern cracker teams getting all the attention from the sports world, so I look at it from the perspective that Oregon is bringing some respect to the west coast. Plus I told him that Oregon has to beat Alabama hard in the championship game to avenge for the 2010 Alabama-Texas BCS game where their defensive players kept trying to hurt Colt McCoy and finally succeeded by spearing him and injuring his shoulder so badly he couldn’t play the rest of the game and missed the NFL combine.

I have question. If we watch police procedurals. And we root for the police to take down the bad guy. Where are we?

@SanFranLefty: Oregon is bringing some respect to the west coast

That only took millions and millions of dollars and undermining a humble, happy college town. Good work!

@Dodgerblue: Happy Birfday to my favorite Dodgers fan!

@¡Andrew!: @ManchuCandidate: thanks, guys. Next year I need to figure out Medicare.

Just learned that in Alabama a person may lawfully shoot a dog or cat that is relieving itself in their yard. The standard ain’t much higher for our fellow humans, is it?

@mellbell: Alabama is like the North Korea of the South.

As nauseated as I’ve been by the supporters of torture (JESUS FUCKING CHRIST IT’S TORTURE), I have to confess that I’d like to lock the RepubliKKKan CONgress in a room with Bill Cosby then throw away the key, so I guess I’m guilty, too.

@¡Andrew!: What about the bankers?

@ManchuCandidate: You took the words out of my mouth.

@SanFranLefty: I’d save the worst of all for the banksters and the torturers: An endless booze & explosive diarrhea cruise with the Kardashians–all of them.

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