Carpe Diem, Bitch

Do dogs get brain freezes? Apparently not.

[via Sully]

A cautionary tale . . . the importance of getting the first lick in.

Am I the only one who’s shocked these poor dogs are being served a frozen chemical ingestible from Mickey D’s? Hello? Ben ‘n’ Jerry? Steve’s Ice Cream? Clearly they hate this whipped white stuff. Dogs are creatures of discernment. Much like supermodels. They know what’s good. Obviously this video cuts off before Cooper projectile vomits all over Daisy. Then there is the race between the two to lick it up. And that leads to diarrhea at 2am.

Been there: done that.

@Benedick: I was actually wondering how it comes out the other end, but it’s not my carpet at risk.

@nojo: First comes farting.

Dairy is not good for dogs. So good thing this isn’t dairy. I have it on good authority it’s only one chemical away from being pantyhose.

With ours one can never be sure which end it will come out first. But come out it will.

Awwwww… like Nojo I am glad I won’t be cleaning up when the inevitable happens.

@Benedick: “First Comes Farting” will be a spinoff of “Downton Abbey.”

@Benedick: My dog’s New Agey vet yesterday recommended acupuncture to treat his lower back pain. And we get him to sit still for that how, exactly? We’ll probably try it, since I figure that a billion Chinese people can’t be wrong. (Except about green tea, which is totally disgusting.)

@¡Andrew!: Darling, we live near Woodstock. We have canine aural psychics. We have feline caterers. We have bears that shit in the woods.

I hear that acupuncture can work. Also Rimadyl. I use that every day for our elderly wetback rescue who now has arthritis to complement some of his other more disgusting conditions. Bless him. Drugs work. – All right, everyone stop laughing. – But they do. Sorry your dog has chronic pain.

And yes, a billion Chinese people can be wrong.

@¡Andrew!: I like green tea, but when you order it in China you get a glass of warm water full of lawn clippings.

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