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Shit or get off the pot, kid.Title: “Potty”

Author: Leslie Patricelli

Rank: 83

Blurb: “There comes a point in a toddler’s life when going in one’s diaper is only one possible option.”


“Bought this book to add to our potty book collection.”

“It isn’t very interesting and the plot of the story makes no sense.”

“The expressions of surprise and then joy on the baby’s face when his patience finally pays off are great.”

“It spent so much time addressing if the kid wanted to use the potty that it doesn’t really talk about what happens afterward.”

“I also bought this in conjunction with stickers and said the stars were for pooping.”

“Not quite clear what is the message of this book. My little one does not understand why he should go to the potty.”

“Has a lot of illustrative and adorable pictures.”

“I haven’t really found many potty books I am altogether happy with.”

“Bought it for our grandson.”

“I would have liked a little more regarding pee and poo.”

Customers Also Bought: “Potty Time with Elmo”

Footnote: American parents are a lot more comfortable with books about shitting than books about fucking.

Potty [Amazon]

Buy or Die [Stinque@Amazon Kickback Link]


Please. Everyone knows you use a PowerPoint presentation for potty training.

@Mistress Cynica: PowerPoint certainly compels the process.

Powerpoint does the exact opposite for me and gives me constipation.

Oh Libertarians… Bitcoin is just another word for why complete or even partial deregulation never works.

Banks are assholes, but trusting a Magic Trading Card Exchange with poor accounting habits with your money is a better idea?

MT Gox executives will be sleeping poorly for a long time as many BitCoin users were on the shadier side of the global economy and don’t take kindly when someone steals their money.

@ManchuCandidate: I’ve never understood the point of a virtual currency. Just seems like munnie laundering 4 dummie$.

Looks like Bitcoin was a Ponzi scheme all along. No one coulda seen that comin’.

@¡Andrew!: Beat me to it.

Since I like to torture myself by reading Verge comment threads, it strikes me that Bitcoin is the ultimate con game: Its apologists are demanding that you continue to believe in it, with no evidence to support their claims. The Libertarian Fairy is strong is Silicon Valley.

Libertarian Pixies live on the STEM professions… especially in the T and E portions. You would think a bunch of guys in Tech aka IT and Engineering who allegedly deal in the “real” world issues would be wiser to that but nope.

@ManchuCandidate: When Silk Road was open it was the only way you could get XTC through the mails.

So I heard.

@Tommmcatt Au Gros Sel: Well, there’s the solution — the solution that has kickstarted every technological advance on the Internet.

Bitcoin needs to be the exclusive payment system for porn.

OK, I’m getting very concerned about Benedick. Several of us have made comments that would’ve earned at least a mild retort, if not a loving bitch slap. Some of you are in touch with him on InstaFace, right? No need to violate anyone’s privacy, but if things are fine, could someone please write “Yes” or “No” down-thread?

Is Nojo’s long-held resentment over “Animal House” the reason there’s been no love for Harold Ramis?

@Mistress Cynica: That, and Caddyshack. Even Ghostbusters doesn’t hold up that well.

Groundhog Day remains a classic, but that’s about it.

ADD: Doesn’t preclude anyone else from posting; Ramis just wasn’t one of my comedic heroes.


Hey, miss anything?

@¡Andrew!: uh oh. Haven’t seen anything on FB.

/periscope down/

@Beggars Biscuit: sit a spell next time!

@¡Andrew!: I’ve summoned her through la livre du visage. She dare not resist my call…

@Tommmcatt Au Gros Sel: I actually Googled to see whether we missed any bad news. Nothing found — although his play is being produced in a couple cities right now.

Well, I’m touched.

I am having an absolutely awful fucking time but who isn’t? Chiefly I got totally sick of hearing myself have opinions. Outrage is exhausting. I can only imagine that others are at least as sick of my rants as I am so it seemed kindest to go away. (not a plea for approbation, I have dogs for that) I am also engaged in a big new piece of work that marks a departure for me that is liberating and deeply nervous-making. No it does not involve frocks, wigs, dance belts, bishops, or lipstick.

Facebook creeps me out.

Speaking of shit: I spend hours hacking frozen dog shit out of ice-banks with a planting spade. 3 ft of snow and more coming down.

So we finally get to file a joint return and our motherfucking taxes go up. Motherfuckers.

The Danish embassy no longer returns my calls.

@Benedick: It’s all just silly videos right now, since Outrage is just another Internet game.

@Benedick: We missed you, and we also have very strong opinions about things!

Take Arizona: I. am. shocked. that FREEDOM died yesterday. I was looking forward to a nationally televised signing ceremony in which Governor Crypt Keeper–hair teased a mile high–drops the pen after signing, thrusts both her bony arms towards the Heavens, and begins speaking in tongues as her eyes roll around in their sockets and her desiccated cadaver convulses like a Walking Dead zombie. A black hole wingularity opens directly above her and the entire Capitol building implodes, leaving only a smoldering crater behind.

Where’s Jamie with our on-the-scene coverage?

Losing NFL money from Super Bowels (and from angry bidniz with ghey employees) is more important than allowing bible thumping ghey discrimination.

@Benedick: So glad to see you. I was having terrible visions of you and the OH snowed in with no dog food, fending off hungry pugs. They go feral so quickly.

@Mistress Cynica: Funny you should say that. Much of the time I feel like Scott of the Antarctic. Except with pugs.

@nojo: @Benedick: I’m too exhausted to opine outrage these days.

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