You’re Never Fully Booked Without a Smile

I learned it from you, Dad.

Justin Bieber arrested in Miami Beach over DUI, drag-racing [Miami Herald]

Speaking of perp walks… Dumbass D’Souza busted for voter fraud and lying about it. Ha.

Gawker. Can’t link on mobile very well.

Muggers mugging for the mug shot.

/ lifts coffee mug in toast

He is rolling balls in that photo. Look at his eyes.

Bieber’s high too.

NO NO NO – as I did with DeLay, I want him holding a number.

When the fuck will Homeland Security deport that floppy-headed Canuck? Hard-working Nicaraguan women whose only crime is coming to this country to work for $3 an hour in chicken processing plants sit in for-profit prisons awaiting their deportation while this dickweed dances around scot-free.

It’s not like we want him back. If you just put that dipshit on an Alaskan iceflow we’d all be happy

I so thought that was Miley Cyrus.

@ManchuCandidate: I was stoked when I read that. I hate that guy and all those von Mises devotees.

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