1959 Chevrolet Corvette

7:50 am Broadway in the 60s:


Just blown away … and this was not a museum piece. Scratches on the side, sounded like it needed a tuneup. This car gets driven, which is nice.


1:40 pm • Wednesday • July 24, 2013

Great. Now I have “Little Red Corvette” stuck in my head.

6:19 pm • Wednesday • July 24, 2013

Should have hit video – what a sound that thing made!

6:38 pm • Wednesday • July 24, 2013

I have a metal scale-model of the ’59 Vette on my credenza at work. As close as I’m going to get to owning one.

7:17 pm • Wednesday • July 24, 2013

Here’s a decent one on eBay. Wonder what it’ll sell for?

10:57 pm • Wednesday • July 24, 2013

$49K seems low.

I’m in the Beijing airport, waiting for my flight home. I’m used to getting felt up at airport security here but today’s gal was particularly vigorous. I was hoping she would say “It’s twue, it’s twue!” but alas she did not.

12:48 pm • Thursday • July 25, 2013

@Dodgerblue: Have a safe trip!

9:20 pm • Thursday • July 25, 2013

Melbell just dropped a 145-point word on me in WWF.

11:03 am • Sunday • August 4, 2013

I’ve always been partial to the circa 1968 body style. It’s the car I yearned for when I was a kid, and if something like this fell into my hands I’d drive it every day the sun came out:


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