It’s Always Followed By a Crash

Is that an Excel sheet in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?

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The vast majority of hedge fund clients are pension and sovereign wealth funds, so they’re the ones who blithely agree to the hedgehogs’ criminally insane fees (typically 2% of assets under management plus 20% of the profits). It’s just some people gambling with other people’s munnie.


The real estate market in Seattle has gone cuckoo bananas as everyone’s brains have flown out the window again(!), but not to worry as there appears to be an infinite supply of sweaty, bug-eyed financial con artists, tech industry sociopaths, Russian gangsters, Chinese money-launderers, and tasteless house flippers to push starter home prices well over the half million mark even though most people make less than $50K. Because the eCONomy: It’s Totally Different This Time!

Also, if you’re prone to rage blackouts, then you probably shouldn’t read this recent-history-awareness-free article:

The Rise of the Young Buyer: A new generation is skipping the ‘starter home’ and betting heavily on high-end ($1M+) real estate.

Just wow. As with articles imploring us to invest our cash near the top of the Fed-induced market bubble, along comes more evidence that an apocalyptic crash is right around the corner. When twenty-somethings (or at least their parents) start buying multiple million dollar properties, it’ll soon be followed by an economic BANG so loud we won’t even hear it.

@SanFranLefty: wow, they went to a Kennesaw State Univ grad. That’s where I got my masters in information systems, not that I use it, really.

So what this cover is saying is…what? That hedge fund managers have big dicks and incontinence issues?

@matador1015: +1

Meanwhile, speaking of corporations and capitalism, a British human rights group spearheaded an effective approach to delay executions in the US – hound the companies making and distributing the drugs.

@matador1015: No, they just think they have big dicks but in fact they suffer from post-penile drip.

@SanFranLefty: You silly. Georgia‘s got that covered.

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