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Dame un puto descanso, no he logrado el quinto grado español.Título: “Inquebrantable: Mi Historia, A Mi Manera”

Autor: Jenni Rivera

Posición: Uno

Propaganda: “No puedo dejarme atrapar en lo negativo porque eso me destruye.”

Crítica: “Rei, llore, muy emocionante!”

Clientes También Compraron: “Yo” por Ricky Martin

Nota: También disponible en Inglés tapa dura (#10), español de tapa dura (#74), y el Inglés de bolsillo (#88). Incluso si tenemos ni puta idea de quién es Jenni Rivera.

Inquebrantable [Amazon]

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OMG. A Brit just won a Sport that didn’t involve tiddlywinks or Spank the Vicar. We’re all over the moon. At the post game event some dolly bird announced the ‘Jook’ of Kent. Enter a Chinless Wonder who could barely remain upright under the weight of his suit tottering about the court. Sidebar: his father had a fairly famous affair with Noel Coward which may or may not have been the reason Coward wasn’t knighted till so late in his career. Some believe current duke is a product of that liaison. I don’t judge, I merely report.

The Pim’s Cup will be flowing like water in Hampstead tonight.

BTW. If one can believe court side behaviour caught on international TV, Gerard Butler seems to be dating Bradley Manning.

Is that a missing Kardashian?

@JNOV: I’m still trying to figure out what the hell happened to Bruce Jenner during the decades I wasn’t paying attention.

@Benedick: Bradley Cooper. And I would fully support that pairing.

@Benedick: The Wikipedia entry on the Duke’s father makes for interesting reading. I guess the Royals could get away with it while poor Alan Turing could not.

@mellbell: Thank you. Come morning I’m laughing at my slip. Bradley Manning is of course being tortured by the military and generally unavailable for dates.

@Dodgerblue: Scum of the earth. The upper classes get away with everything. The rules don’t apply. Is it Edward who’s the current gay one? For a time he worked for Andrew LLoyd Webber. And we all know what that means.

I thought they meant Ann Murray won Wimbledon.

@nojo: Gah. I just spent the last hour or so doing a “Where are they now?” on Laguna Beach: The Real OC and The Hills.

Basically Post-Wheaties-Box Bruce married a Kardashian and has a kid named Brody who is better looking than Bruce ever was, and he’s in this odd Brady Bunch thing, so Bruce went under knives. I blame Spencer Pratt and his crystals.

@Dodgerblue and Benedick: Before I went on my Laguna Beach/Hills quest, I went on a “Which Royal are they talking about?” WikiQuest.

I was much beyond pissed to read that John Gielgud was convicted of cottaging.

@Benedick: Okay. I take issue with naming issue. There are way too many Edwards and Georges and Alberts and Jameses and Andrews, Lords and Dukes of ‘isters and ‘orks and ‘erries and ‘villes in orders and garters.

How the hell do you keep these guys straight?

@JNOV: They have tiny brains. They can only retain so many names. And of course the British royal family are all German; Saxe-Coburg, Battenburg, Hitler. They changed their name to Windsor after their week-end home. And the queen’s uncle became Louis Lord Mountbatten. He was blown up by the IRA thanks to Pete King’s generous donations. But this is the reason we Brits call everyone ‘Darling’. Who can tell them apart? They’re all the same.

I’ve written about Gielgud’s incident before. But will repeat it if you want. Now I must climb the wooden hill to Bedfordshire.

@Benedick: I’ve written about Gielgud’s incident before. But will repeat it if you want.

I would like that if it’s not too much trouble. Sleep with the angels.

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