Helen Mirren is a True Dame

o-OLIVER-BURTON-HELEN-MIRREN-THE-QUEEN-570“Oliver Burton’s dying wish was to visit Buckingham Palace and have afternoon tea with the Queen. Unfortunately, Her Royal Highness was unable to fit the 10-year-old into her busy schedule of waving at crowds from afar — so understudy Dame Helen Mirren stepped in to take her place. Oliver, who has Down’s syndrome, has been battling various forms of cancer almost his entire life, and was recently diagnosed with terminal spine and bone marrow cancer.” [Gawker]


As if she couldn’t be even more awesome or more of a turbo rock star already.

P.S. I only dream of looking as hot as Dame Mirren in a bathing suit when I’m 65. (Or now).

@SanFranLefty: and wakes up 30 minutes early every morning to make love to her husband … just sayin’.

Queen Helen of Fuckinfantastica. Bow down.

Helen Mirren is a very classy human being.

I need to watch the Prime Suspect series again – she was so fantastic.

@blogenfreude: It’s on Netflix. Loved it, but keee-rist it’s depressing.

@blogenfreude: If you like mysteries & strong wimmin characters, I highly recommend Continuum, which also is on Netflix (and is totally awesome).

From the New York Times: They’re From the Future, and Canada

Kiera, is a police officer (or “protector,” as they’re called in the future) in Vancouver in 2077 who, as the show opens, is on hand for the execution of the members of Liber8, a terrorist group responsible for a devastating bomb attack on the corporations that rule the late-21st-century world. Just before the sentence is carried out the eight convicts transport themselves back in time, accidentally bringing Kiera along.

They wind up in the Vancouver of 2012, the Liber8 members trying to stop the coming of a world in which civil government has been supplanted and Kiera — still loyal to the corporate government of 2077 — doing her best to thwart them. The show’s deliberate ambiguity has fans debating on chat boards whether “Continuum” is a pro-business, right-wing series or the opposite. And Kiera, as Season 1 progresses, gradually confronts the possibility that she is fighting for the wrong side.

@matador1015: Texas isn’t the problem. It’s some of the aggressively Know-Nothing Texans who live there who cause the problems.

I personally think public education is on its way out anyway, so this probably won’t mean as much now as it would have 50 years ago. Kids with iPads and iPhones aren’t going to color inside any lines set by legislators who don’t have a clue how irrelevant they already are.

TJ/ I stumbled across this website — Worst Passive Aggressive Notes. I feel like I should apologize for linking to this note, but I won’t. Nope. Not at all.

@Dave H: From your lips to God’s/FSM’s ears. However, the feedback I get from my kids is that their friends parrot whatever their parents’ political views are. Still very much an uphill battle.

@JNOV: I’m happy to click your link. Even without the apology, and I’ll still get around to clicking it, I promise. Pity about the apology, though. But don’t let me make you feel awkward and selfish about the apology, which is totally within your rights not to give, and which I still don’t really expect from you. Not after you said you won’t. Benedick apologizes all the time, incidentally, even for things he didn’t do. But I understand why you aren’t apologizing, and I support your right not to do so, even though I TOTALLY am going to click the link, eventually, when I have time and if it seems appropriate given the suddenly unapologetic tone of the site (in general) just recently.

@Tommmcatt Can’t Believe He Ate The Whole Thing: I have to use “suddenly unapologetic” in a legal brief. It’s a gem.

Off topic, these are tough days for Dodgers fans, with our team in the shithouse and our historical rivals, the Lefties, in the penthouse. There is talk of firing the manager, commonly known as “Donnie Baseball,” although this makes little sense to me since he’s not out on the field hitting .220, making bad throws or grooving fastballs when behind in the count. If Benedick were directing a play and an actor kept forgetting his lines, would Benedick get fired? Oh, really . . . ?

@Mistress Cynica: Nobody does passive-aggressive like an aging queen… except maybe mothers and grandmothers.

@Dodgerblue: He was my brother’s favorite player as a kid, so I can’t hate.

@Dodgerblue: I recently got “talismanic” in a brief. I was proud that it survived the editing process. I considered using “shibboleth” instead.

I’m not going to taunt (too much) about el beisbol – the season is long and my man Timmy is still struggling even with short hair. But Buster Posey has been magical, I light candles for his health.

@SanFranLefty: Posey is a fine player, and that fat guy you have at 3rd is way better than the fat guy we have at third.

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