Hitler Does My Job

And that part about the window seat? True. And the seats where those purged sat are quickly stripped of wrist rest mousepads, half-full bottles of Tums, and other goodies left behind.


I long for the days of Mega Mel Lastman because sure he was a love child making, quasi racist corrupt buffoon and frequent target of the Daily Show, but at least he wasn’t a crack smoking dipshit football fumbling sniveling shit heel like Rob Ford. Tarrana really knows how to pick’em. Sigh.


Is this lawyer humor? It’s adorable. I don’t understand any of it but subtitling this clip is always funny. I’d do one as if they’d just had their first preview for the recent revival (apparently it didn’t lose enough money the first go round) of Jeckyl and Hyde: the Musical if I knew how to do it.

@Benedick: Funny stuff aside, you have a mac. You can go to Mars with that thing.

TJ/ Seriously thinking about emigrating.

Meanwhile, from the Department of the Majesty of the Law and conservatives’ need to criminalize behavior of consenting adults, dateline Stinque World Domination HQ, Sandy Eggo:

Stricken with terminal cancer, languishing in county jail

He’s a crackhead, crackpot, jackass, delusional moron, crybaby, idiot and self described leader, but he’s not a porn star (and I hope not because I’d tear my eyes out if he was.)

@ManchuCandidate: Porn star? Was that his competition? I was wondering how someone like that gets elected mayor of Toronto in the first place.

Canadia is finally serving us a US-level-of-cray-cray scandal, and it only took one rapid, right-wing mayor to do it. Talk about parity, though your country’s psycho wrong-wingers are still basically indistinguishable from our Demoncrats, right?

He barely won against a mealy mouthed guy who promised to do the same, but with kid gloves.

As for the Cons, no. The media in Canada City is compliant as a Real Doll TM ignoring a lot of what PM Fatty does except when it’s about a senator (appointee) who got busted for doing what he used to whine and bitch about as a TV commentator.


@ManchuCandidate: The Canuckistani journalists know full well that Harperbot 3000 will carry out his insane threat to reopen the Gomery Inquiry and double mass murder everyone with boredom, so they’re keeping their mouths shut. It’s really the only logical explanation.

Bonus round: How long did the Gomery Inquiry go on?
A. 3 years
B. 9 years
C. 900 years
D. 9,000 years

As a follow up to your question, who votes for him? Easy, the low info voters in the ‘burbs who think that the poor people and fat cat bureaucrats are sucking away their tax monies when it’s the fabulously rich assholes who live in enclaves like Forrest Hill and Rosedale with the $20 million dollar homes who still get upset at their $10k tax bills.

@ManchuCandidate: Even you-know-who is distancing himself from this one:

I asked Mayor-for-Life Marion Barry—convicted in 1990 for misdemeanor drug possession—for his take on Ford, but the D.C. councilmember says his own videotaped crack use is too different from Ford’s reported tape to compare.

“Unless he was entrapped by the government, it’s not similar,” Barry says. Barry declined to offer advice for Ford, saying that he’s too focused on the residents of Ward 8.

@ManchuCandidate: Obvious comparison: Diamond Joe Quimby, although that’s an insult to Mayor Quimby.

@JNOV: Easter Island is too close to the hustle-bustle.

I recommend Vanuatu or the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

The former if you like humidity, mosquitos, and volcanoes; the latter if you like dry, cold, earthquake threats.

@SanFranLefty: Ha!


I’m open to other suggestions.

@Benedick: I saw a shitton of bees today (and buttercups!), and I tried to hard to get pictures for you. I need to GIMP an arrow on one so you can see the bee. This is rhododendron land. I’ve only seen one wisteria, um, parasite? I’m going to see if I can get a cutting when the homeowner is out.

@JNOV: Speaking as an immigrant one’s life doesn’t get better without a pressing reason to go to one’s place of destination. Coming to the US opened our horizons and made our lives possible. Could the same be said about New Zealand? Have you ever met anyone from New Zealand?

When you get right down to it everywhere is San Diego.

We’ve been pug deep in tulips and daffodils for weeks. Now that the poppies are coming out can Charlie Crist be far behind? The peony buds poke your eyes out, the scent of lilac is everywhere, and we have barn swallows nesting on the porch. Bees are good. We love bees. Where are the bats?

@SanFranLefty: Heartbreaking and bracing story. Thanks.

P.S. Orb lost the Preakness to Oxbow. The hubby is devastated.

@Benedick: And San Diego is nowhere, man.

I’m here for the rootlessness. That, and the sun.

@Benedick: Have you ever met anyone from New Zealand?

Yep. Total doucher.

I just need “home,” whatever that is.

@nojo: Totally have the rootlessness here. And soon 16 hours of daylight. Then 16 hours of gloom. It blows my mind.

@JNOV: The Northwest Gloom is something that arrivistes have no idea about. (Well, that and the Northwest Moist.)

Having grown up with the Dim, I thought I was immune to it — until some flight instinct kicked in around 40. Even now, on the rare Dim day in Sandy Eggo, I shudder — I’ve already endured enough for a lifetime. I want my Bright.

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